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5 Mar 2024
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About Clocelium Eggs

These eggs are so tiny, you might almost miss them! They are often found in tree crevices or on grass beds, resting near clusters of fungi. They feel soft and somewhat springy to touch, just like a mushroom. The tiny green particles floating around are the only indication that life resides inside. Upon closer observation, it can be seen that the glowing particles are in the shape of tiny clovers.

This egg needs a lot of time to grow, but they are hardier than they appear and aren't finicky about living conditions as long as there is an abundant food source.

About the Clocelium Creature

As Clocelium develop, the slight browning at the tips of their ears and tail become darker and their iridescent wings become larger. Most start off with a lazy personality, often sleeping to conserve energy for growth. As time passes, they become more playful and more intelligent, some even playing hide-and-seek with their owners. It is often believed that Clocelium were a species of mushroom blessed with ancient magic and brought to life by a fairy who wanted a pet mushroom.