Xaion the Xai

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About Xai Eggs

This egg is covered in layers of "wool" that make it just as soft, if not softer, than the clouds themselves. While you don't want to remove the insulating wool at this stage, it doesn't harm the egg to pry off the little embedded candies, so help yourself!

About the Xai Creature

Xais are the origin of cotton candy.

Most Xai wool comes in a mix of flavors and produce tiny little candies embedded throughout once fully matured. Depending on breeding and diet, different flavors can be produced, and the candies can be omitted entirely if preferred.

Xais are thought to have been around for hundreds of years but to actually spot one in the wild is quite rare. They are easy prey and they scare easily, so they prefer to keep hidden, and they only ever produce one or two eggs at most per three years. However, your best bet to find one is to stake out near hives, where they like to feast on the honey.

Domesticated Xais must be kept safe and completely clean from all outside elements at all times to preserve their wool's edibility and they must constantly be fed sugar or sugar water in order to regrow their sweet wool.

Because they are so rare to find and are relatively high-maintanence to take care of, they are generally considered an impractical investment into producing cotton candy, hence why Arkians have taken it upon themselves to produce their own version of the sugary fluffy treat by hand.

However, nothing tastes quite as divinely airy, sweet and authentic as the Xai's wool.