Hellhound the Hallowolf

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1 Nov 2010
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Name: Hellhound
Stage: Last - Star
Travel: Eerie Glow

Soccer In Ark Park 5/15
Fine Dining In Ark City 8/15
Ark River Rapids 4/2o
Glowing Flower Field 7/3o
Northern Jungles 6/25
Broken Robot 1/15
Ark City Pool 6/15
Jungle Town Rooftop 1/15
Ancient Royal Throne 1/15
Carrot Garden 3/2o
Zoo Fence 3/15
Fiery Planet 5/25
Antediluvian Suncrest 8/3o
Remote Observatory 5/15
Shooting Star in NGC-19823 2/∞
Curio Store 5/15
Competing Lemonade Stand 7/15
Country Mansion Staircase 2/2o
Purple Mountain Path 8/25
Strange Death Scroll 2/2o
The Archives Sun Dial 5/15
Tiny Key 3/2o
Ark City Town Street 3/2o
Lit Window 2/3o
The Happy Snowman 3/2o
Family Room Christmas Tree 6/15
Candles and Gold 1o/2o
Ancient Signpost 4/15
Glacier's Edge 5/3o
Intricately Designed Ice House 5/2o
Icicle Forest 5/25
In An Igloo 6/2o
Relic's Cave 7/25
Poinsettias 6/3o
Sea Shell Assortment 3/2o
Pink Valentine's Day Design 2/3o
Purple Valentine's Day Design 4/2o
Rainbow Power Star 6/2o
You and Me Text Banner 3/15
City of Leila 5/15
Painting of Ark City 4/3o
The Thieves' Den 5/15
Lava Caves at the Volcano 3/∞
Canals of Ark Bay 5/3o
Cute Ark Farm 2/2o
Heaven's Gate 13/3o
Magathon Beach 9/3o
Purple Pin Wheel Flowers 7/∞
Lightning Storm 7/25
Yellow Rolling Hills 2/3o
Scorching Magma Pool 2/2o
Misty Blue Mountains 2/∞
Gothic Lantern 2/2o
It's Raining Candy 2/25
Candy Corn Mountains 2/2o
Autumn Sunscape 3/∞
Autumn Walkway 2/2o
Scary Autumn Forest 3/2o
Thanksgiving Mushrooms 5/15
Fiery Red Leaves 7/3o
Merry Christmas From Leila 5/15
Very Special Christmas Tree 1/25
Buddy the Snowman 2/15
Christmas Sky Lights 4/3o
Tree Sparkles 1/2o
Hot Cocoa For Two 5/15
Black and Gold Balloons 3/2o
Ark Clock Tower at Midnight 1/2o
Midnight 1/3o
New Years Arrangement 2/25
It's Raining Egg Coins 4/15
Clovers and Mushrooms with Rainbows 3/15
Topsy Turvy Room 2/2o
The Fools Wand 4/15
Bunny Ear Basket 2/15
Ultra-sized Easter Egg 3/2o
Easter Egg Hunt 2/2o
Egg Flowers 3/2o
Easter Toys 1/15
Recycle 4/25
Seabed Volcano 14/3o
Underwater Glowing Fish 25/∞
Water Horizon 15/∞
Sunset From Underwater 7/∞
Birch Shadows 12/3o
Burning Oaks 7/3o
Over The Bridge 4/25
Palm Grove 7/25
Pine Forest at Dawn 8/∞
Red Fairy Forest 8/2o
Orange Tree Grove 5/25
Woods Nest 3/25
Snowflowers 9/25
Nighttime Sun 12/∞
Massive Eruption 5/25
Fiery Explosion 6/25
Forest Devastation 3/∞
Lava Pockets 1/25
Lava River 6/2o
Raining Fire 1/∞
Void Flames 5/2o
Where The Flames Grow 7/2o
Big City Rain 4/2o
City by the Shore 5/2o
Cybernetic City 3/2o
Post-apocalyptic Underground City 2/∞
IT Department's Worst Nightmare 7/2o
Inner Electric Pulse 9/2o
The Mother Station 1/15
Inside of a Microchip 1/15
Back To School Hahaha 4/15
Dark Spiritual Balls 4/15
Feather Circle 3/3o
Dark Feathers 5/25
Dark Purple Glitter 14/∞
Fish Sprites in the Forest 7/15
Spirit Grass 12/25
Glowing Spirit Ruins 5/∞
Purple Spirit Glow 12/∞
Haunted Covered Bridge 1/15
Barren Pumpkin Patch 4/2o
Where The Moon Sleeps 4/3o
Scarecrow In The Moonlight 7/2o
Drops of Maple 4/25
Gusting Leaves 8/∞
Orange Leaf Meadows 5/25
Goldentree Meadows In Fall 4/25
Adventures In Ark (Video Game) 5/15
I Think You're On Fire 3/2o
Rowboat On Peaceful Waters 6/15
Western Waterfall 4/15
Acorn Splash 4/25
Autumn Arrangement 9/25
Enormous Cornucopia 5/15
Thank You (Thanksgiving 2016) 2/15
Homemade Ornaments 6/15
Joy of Christmas Presents 2/2o
Reindeer Sighting 8/2o
Silver Bells 5/2o
Special Golden-Star Tree 12/2o
It's A Party 9/2o
Gifts of the New Year 1o/25
Sparkling Arkjuice 11/2o
Snowberry Trees 6/3o
Christmas Window from Outside 3/2o
Cold Pier 8/15
The Corner 7/15
Pure Sorrow 3/2o
Depressing Poem 3/25
Forgotten Lace Boat 7/2o
Illuminated Gray Dust 6/2o
Sad Reflecting Pond 9/3o
Sleeping Hearts 3/2o
Haappy Loving Sheep 3/15
Sweetheart Meadow 4/25
The Love Bees 3/2o
Secret Pot of Gold 1/2o
Tangled Clover 1/25
Green and Gold 1/∞
Clover Sky 7/2o
Marigolds and Clovers 2/25

About Hallowolf Eggs

This egg was only given out for the Halloween Bash of 2010.

About the Hallowolf Creature

Werewolves start to go a bit crazy around Halloween...