Misterius the Bunthoff

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2 Oct 2009
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Misterius: This means "mysterious" in either Indonesian or Malay.

...Ignore that "Master Giygas" crap down there. I was obsessed with him back then and wanted to make some sort of humorous response to the constant "is Brawls / anything UFT" comments.
Don't tell anyone, but I wasn't aware of just how much Tines were worth back then. Actually, I didn't know they were even part of this "top five" thing until a year or two ago. HM, I WONDER WHY EVERYONE SPECIFICALLY ASKED FOR HER? Are they still part of it now, considering they were re-released with no limit and now everyone has one?
You guys seem to need a more simplified answer. Well, here goes nothing.
Ask again, and Master Giygas will eat you and/or your soul.
Ok, maybe not. But, all comments asking this very question will be deleted with no reply. Thank you.
A guy that lasted from my old days.

Hatched: Either 24th or 25th of May

~ ยค ~

Hey, a little fun fact for you. Misterius was actually found in the AC back when it was first created, which means that the oldest surviving creature in this cove that I adopted myself is Brawls.

About Bunthoff Eggs

This creature is endangered.

When carrying Bunthoff eggs home, be careful as to which surfaces the egg touches, because these eggs have a very dirty, chalk-like powder that rubs off. Due to the unique mixture of oils within this powder, it is incredibly difficult to wash the dirt off with soap and water. These eggs are pretty rare too. They are typically found buried in the Egg Cave, so it's best to dig if you want one of these eggs.

About the Bunthoff Creature

Bunthoff live underground near The Volcano. Bunthoff have managed to dig an impressive network of tunnels surrounding The Volcano. Their main colony is adjacent to the main vent of The Volcano. The most horrid Bunthoff disasters in history have occurred when The Volcano has erupted and blown holes in the vent pipeline, which has flooded the Bunthoff colony with molten lava. Over time, Bunthoff have evolved and can sense a volcanic eruption days before it occurs. This is why the Science and Research Center in Ark City monitors Bunthoff colony activity; if they abandon their colony, Ark City needs to be prepared for what is about to come.