Bisou the Luvlei

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16 Feb 2011
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Essence of Litsdnats
Stage Frozen
Gift from @Peppermintcowboy ❤️

These are the travels that I'm currently seeking, pm @bunnynw if you have one to trade

High Priority:
✧ Sparkling Storm Clouds
✧ Beaming Light From Behind
✧ Hidden Eggs in the Sun
✧ Cherry Blossom Path
✧ A walk in the woods
✧ Grand Cathedral
✧ Bonzai Heart
✧ Daisy Fields
✧ Heavenly Light
✧ Pink Picnic
✧ Snow Storm Night
✧ Paris Alive
✧ Sunny Hill
✧ Symmetrical Iceflake
✧ Floating Bridge
✧ Flower Love
✧ Double Waterfall
✧ Spring Equinox
✧ Cresting Wave
✧ St Patrick's Day Rainbow
✧ I Heart You

✧ Starry Night Christmas Stable

Low Priority:
✧ Star of Bethlehem
✧ Purple Night Sky
✧ Asteroid Impact
✧ Egg Patch
✧ Pink Flower Arch

About Luvlei Eggs

This egg is only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park.

About the Luvlei Creature

Luvlei are a very rare type of creature, with a very rare type of personality. They are fully committed to their masters and are willing to lay down their lives for their masters, if their safety were ever compromised. Luvlei stories are often shared in Ark, as there have been many great Luvlei's in history's past.