Skybound the Solis

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1 Sep 2011
23 May 2016
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Essence of Litsdnats
(Stage Frozen)

Star Potion
Legend: [x]=completed

TS creatures:
Izalav all stages - x
Dilloton last stage - x
Shawloot 1st stage - x
Soetazal 2nd stage - x 14 Feb 2019

Actually content with my current cove c: ~ but doesn't hurt to have these:

Collecting: Pixgog, Arnmane, Fourbon & Lyralopex
Tine any stage
Guinstar first stage
Encalop any stage
Gadfly any stage - x 15 Aug 2019
Clocat 1st stage - x 15 Aug 2019
Spookcat 1st stage
Clous any stage

Lower priority:
Danaus 1st stage
Strawbearry 1st stage
Willowisp egg - x thanks to @iridescence
Lunantis egg - x
Shaibun Last - x
Keekee Egg - x
Riggert 2nd stage - x

Major Wishlist
Nym any stage (first) >> x IRI spoils me rotten ♥
Eurog egg >>>>>>>>> x ♥ IRI ♥
Spritemice 2nd stage >x
Fluflur 1st stage >>>>>> x YAY ☆
Last stage Yuki >> x thank you ♥
Last stage Pixgog >>>>> x OMG NOV 1 2015, THANK YOU! STILL CAN'T BELIEVE THIS
Last stage Shaibun >>>> x Achieved thanks to Bae♥ Thanks for the gift
Arnmnae 1st stage >>>> x OMGOMGOMGOMG Jan 19 2016 THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH!
Kacki 2nd stage >>>>>> x
Kacki 1st stage >>>>>>> x
Biwo egg stage >>>>>>> x
Biwo last stage >>>>>>> x
Biwo first stage >>>>>>> x
Biwo second stage >>>>> x
Riggert last stage >>>>> x
Solis 1st stage >>>>>>> x
Pandai 1st stage >>>>>> x thanks rebirth potion!
Jerob 1st stage >>>>>>> x
♥Major WL completed: Feb 6 2016♥

Something more difficult:
Flowerflur 1st - x
Colotay 1st - x
Colotay 2nd - x egg meh close enough
Chocob last - x
Avem 1st frozen - x
Beweg last - x
Drakomo last - x
Onabi - x
Brownil 1st - x
Gideh last - x
♥Something more difficult WL completed : March 24 2016♥

Cayni - x (meh I will star it myself one day)
Puffup - x
Tasma - x
Nomtuk - x
Maser - x
Listrick x
Marley last - x
Mackatron - x
Sorien - x
Icyenro - x
Obarn - x
Whoon - x @rhys12 Thank you I will take good care of him.
Wynerl - x @cloud-n-bolts Thank you for your gift
Ringtail - x
Honk - x
Mo - x
Canosh - x
Pathali - x
Flor - x
Sparktail - x
♥ Star WL completed: MEH TODAY 26 March 2016 (yes I know I technically haven't but whatever *wink* ♥

Aerlo any - THANK YOUUU @cartel this bby ♥ ♥ ♥ 31 Dec 2017
Bunthoff 1st
Lal 1st - x
Krah 1st - x GAH IRI STAHP spoiling meh ♥ ♥ ♥

About Solis Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for September 2011.

Solis eggs arise from the ashes of a previously killed or dead Solis.

About the Solis Creature

Solises are gentle and kind creatures. They are capable of carrying abnormally heavy weights with their wings. But the most remarkable thing about Solises is when they sing. Their songs are haunting and beautiful, full of movement and melody. Their songs are said to be ancient and prophetic.