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26 Sep 2011
13 Dec 2018
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They watch over the cove in silence; and though no one voices it, they know they are its protector.

So they watch; they see; and nobody cries.

My status before getting Solis: ‘’is a tiny flame child too much to ask’’
My status after: ‘’It isn’t too much to ask. Dreams are possible~’’

11 Dec. 2018
Bye Oscoa, hello Solis.

It’s been many years since I started this site. It began when I first entered secondary school—I was trying to find dragon-related games during the new year on my fresh new laptop because I was a dragon-obsessed kid back then. And then I found Eggcave.

I did all the newbie things. Tried to reply to others on my wall, not realising you had to ping people, the lot. I remember finding the Solis through the Archives, via someone's creature or profile or egg, and thoroughly falling in love with them.

Simple story, right? But there was so much along the way. The friendships I’ve made on this site are unforgettable. The trading I did with friends and strangers alike, the nail-biting auctions, all the Thief Shop shenanigans (I know better now!), and oh god, oh god the gifts—you all know who you are, and you all are so amazing and generous and kind and I would go on a gush miles long—because all of you are truly wonderful. Whether if it’s a monthly or a CSP, or a common to a tiny lil’ wishlist kid… you’re all so, so amazing, so phenomenally beautiful human beings, and I am forever appreciative of you. You, not the gifts. It’s you guys that made my Eggcave journey so special, and for that I'm truly grateful of.

I’d ‘quit’, or ‘went on hiatus’ during the Eggcave prime—when it was booming with newbies and returning ones alike… and during the time of ripoffs, toxicity, drama, and the rest. It was chaotic and combined with so much else, I had began to come on less and less. Had written a statement about why I decided to quit as well, put it in my profile for all to see. And one day, two years later, out of curiosity and some talking/joking with a friend, I had come back… and everyone is just so kind.

And here’s my Solis. After 4 years of longing, thinking of the travel (I'd always wanted a SoB, saved up one but traded it for a name later on—thankfully, this one came with it preordered ), keeping myself a name, and 2 years a hiatus, [yeep] I’m still in love with you guys. And the Eggcave community—all of you are so are awesome. I'd hug you, all the prickly bumps and sharp edges and all. Which is why I’m so happy to share a moment here with you.

Thank you, Eggcave. And thank you, because dreams are possible.

And because of that, I have my fat, fried chicken

~ Thank you, from me to you all.

Art Piece by @samaritan! Thank you!

Achieved: 11. Dec. 2018
Frozen: 13. Dec. 2018
Profile Pic: 11. Dec. 2018 - 22. Dec. 2018
Starred: 16. Jan. 19.
Renamed from Among to Charred: 27. Jan. 2019.

About Solis Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for September 2011.

Solis eggs arise from the ashes of a previously killed or dead Solis.

About the Solis Creature

Solises are gentle and kind creatures. They are capable of carrying abnormally heavy weights with their wings. But the most remarkable thing about Solises is when they sing. Their songs are haunting and beautiful, full of movement and melody. Their songs are said to be ancient and prophetic.