Haet the Engel

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17 Dec 2011
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About Engel Eggs

This egg was only given out in December of 2011.

Engel eggs emit a faint aura and if one listens closely, it is said that a strumming harp can be heard.

About the Engel Creature

Engels are guardian angels that appear for "chosen" Arkians every December. Those lucky enough to encounter an Engel generally succeed in their endeavors. Additionally, Engel are trusting and always seem to be in good sorts and, as a result, are often regarded as one of the easiest creatures to raise. Engels disappear from Ark after December and although many have tried, no one has been able to find where they disappear to. The Science and Research Center has studied the Engel and believes that they migrate across the world following the winter season and holiday cheer. In contrast, many Arkians maintain that they never leave and continue to guide their owners.