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29 September 2012
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united_states • 1 day ago

fed all

topaz • 2 days ago

Yes I am, I will buy 40- and so on! it's hard to do 40 at a time when you owe people so much lol.

topaz • 2 days ago

i sent you 100cc

thank you. If you have anymore for sale I will take it too

topaz • 2 days ago

Yes I am still looking where do I need to pay at?

emo_pattys • 2 days ago

Thanks a lot, sent back!

decay • 2 days ago

Fed everyone! (:

emo_pattys • 2 days ago

All fed too Up to trade larger amount of chocos?

snowkitties • 2 days ago

Is your whole cove feed friendly? I'd rather feed it all!
Btw take your time on getting 100 chocs!!

snowkitties • 2 days ago

Want to do an 100:100?

chihiro_sang • 2 days ago

fed some

ljacks • 3 days ago

Fed all

skymoare • 3 days ago

sent 100 chocs back

snowkitties • 3 days ago

Will send 100 chocs back ASAP!

chapus2009 • 4 days ago

Aaah, what a wonderful cove you have!! *0*

skymoare • 4 days ago

thanks in advance, I will send chocolates back ASAP

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