Coulomb the Draqua

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1 Jan 2012
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About Draqua Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for January 2012.

It's best not to touch Draqua eggs. They are charged with electricity that is nearly fatal! Rubber gloves are the best way to transport these eggs.

About the Draqua Creature

Draqua are a deep sea creature that possess electric powers. Their electric powers are quite diverse: certain pulses can kill you, render you deaf, temporarily stun you, or confuse you and wipe your long-term memory. Their tough, rubbery skin allows them to be completely shielded from their own shockwaves. A Draqua with a significant cut in the skin, however, is extremely vulnerable to electrical pulses.

Thankfully, human casualties from Draqua attacks are quite small because they do not surface.