SilverPanda the Pandai

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24 Jul 2012
28 Feb 2019
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Essence of Litsdnats
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Traded from @immortalraven on 1/19/13 (name was devnsas).

Used Potion of Rebirth on 2/15/16 (Stage: 3rd; Level: 8,400; Views: 17,228; Clicks: 4,070; Feeds: 3,962).

Hatched on 2/15/16.

About Pandai Eggs

This egg was only available in Egg Cave's Cash Shop Park for August 2012.

Pandai eggs have a strong bamboo wrapping. This bamboo acts as a reinforcer of the outer shell, making Pandai eggs nearly impossible to crack or break. For this reason, Pandai have flourished as a species.

About the Pandai Creature

Pandais are very gullible creatures that will believe just about anything. It's quite easy to play a joke on a Pandai. These jokes generally go over quite well and prove to be very funny.

Pandais are very gentle creatures at heart. Peace marks the Pandai; they do not retaliate in times of danger or hurt. They are masters of evasiveness and know how to get out of a dangerous situation quickly without causing or receiving harm.

Pandais are also very loyal to their master and never leave their side.