Babu the Savarab

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27 Dec 2012
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About Savarab Eggs

Contrary to popular belief, the Savarab is the first creature to be discovered by an Ark citizen, not the Science and Research Center. This species was discovered by Savannah!

About the Savarab Creature

The Savarab has a very eventful life. It begins as a worm-looking creature, squirming across the earth, but then at a random time it metamorphosizes into a beetle-looking creature. During the second, hatched stage, the Savarab doesn't actually go through a second metamorphosis; to get to the third stage, the Savarab grows its beautiful wing structure over a long period of time. It's rather painful. However, the final stage of the Savarab is rather breathtaking! Adult Savarabs are a bit quirky and clumsy and occasionally runs into trees, but it certainly doesn't detract anything from their beauty.