Unloveable the Ott

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14 Feb 2013
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never uft like ever

"Each day I'll turn it back It's what the broken-hearted do"
Song: if time is all i have
Artist: James Blunt

rules, trades and wl

- Most things here are not uft unless stated otherwise but feel free to ask
- Please dont beg for things im willing to help but its kinda rude when people beg
- I really hate when people *poke* me especially when its been like 5 minutes since they have posted so please give me time to response before letting me know

- DO NOT UNDEROFFER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im kinda fed up of this especially when its someone who knows values better than me! Just think if that was you getting ripped off how you would feel
- please try to make me an offer before asking im truly terrible at offers
- Im willing to gender swap if its not a gift

willing to accept other things though

About Ott Eggs

This egg was only given out from February 14-17, 2013.

Ott eggs emit a particular aroma that has a tendency to soften people's hearts and prepare them for love.

About the Ott Creature

Otts are among the saddest of Ark creatures, as most begin as excellent lovers but then somehow lose their love. Otts, however, are perseverant and never give up despite the circumstances.