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18 Feb 2013
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"A Hallowed Dream"

Come and listen to a short tale of mine,

it all started one foggy Halloween night;

the air was still and my heart felt fine,

then all of a sudden I saw a white light.

I hear a very peculiar screeching pitch,

shifting and quaking went the ground;

terrified I slid down the hill into a ditch,

coming towards me fast was the sound.

The bats rustled the trees as they fled,

slowly I watch the creek below bleed;

I felt an overwhelming sense of dread,

the hag's advice; sorry I did not heed.

Earlier this day I was warned of doom,

An unworldly presence would come;

She said, "The forest will be my tomb."

I shrug it off but my body was numb.

Inching closer was the bright light,

Shivering with fear my knees knocked;

My mind was thinking of a scary plight,

then my skin crawled, the earth rocked.

Before my eyes was an ominous sight,

reaching out a bony hand down to me;

an alien-like grim reaper's grip so tight,

engulfed in his cloak I yelled endlessly.

To the sky we took an illuminous flight,

clouds and then planets zooming by;

I asked, "Why me and why this night?"

You were the only to never tell a lie!

He said with a deep and rolling voice,

I wondered if I tried to openly confess;

Was it too late to make another choice?

Maybe, I'd be let go for all my badness.

I revealed all sorts of things of my past,

at first he listened as we traveled far;

Unfortunately, his patience didn't last,

We landed upon a dark and dead star.

He lifted his hand and dust encircled me,

a transformation was surely on its way;

my body shook incessantly and violently,

from head to toe I was covered in gray.

My flesh was gone and bones remained,

A blinding light was around me instantly;

Out of no where they rose as it rained,

I was now a grim reaper for all eternity.

Written and Copyrighted 2012
Felisa W.

About Honk Eggs

This egg, by far, contains the most mysterious surprise.

About the Honk Creature

Honk are a unique kind of species in that they are the only type of duck which will NOT run away from a human. Honks, naturally, enjoying making their distinct "honk" noise; after several minutes of listening to a flock of Honk honking, it can get rather annoying. However, a Honk is a friend for life and enjoys flying across the beaches of Ark. If you ever need to deliver a message to a friend on the other side of the island, a Honk may be your best bet.