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About Clioney Eggs

Clioney eggs are slightly luminous. Many say that this is the luckiness of the Clioney shining through the egg. Because of this, many people will seek out Clioney eggs in hopes that the luckiness of the creature inside will rub off on them.

About the Clioney Creature

Once hatched the Clioney retains the glow that it had as an egg. There is also some truth to the tales of their luckiness. Events and circumstances always seem to favor them, though no one has yet figured out how this is accomplished. As a precaution, all Clioney are banned from all sporting events and contests, so that the outcomes won't be affected by their fate-twisting abilities.

The nature of the Clioney isn't as people friendly as other creatures. They tend to be quite feisty and are very hard to tame. Even tamed, a Clioney will fight with its owner and will only grudgingly follow orders. Its best to keep your Clioney separate from other creatures, as they like to pick fights with others and could injure weaker creatures.