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The Glorita (with @skyfall4)
The Wysterica (with @skyfall4) Success!!! The Aliamble

Hello there! It's lovely to meet you How's your day going?
A little bit of a warning: I'm incredibly shy. So I apologize if I ever seem reserved or distant, it's unintentional I also have a bit of a hard time introducing myself, but I'd love to talk to you! So many of you seem quite friendly

ALL of my creatures are safe to feed

Side: @fairydust

My sister: @pawsitivelybuggy (We share an IP address) I love you to pieces Buggy!!!
My RL best-friend: @wildirishrubyrose *all the huggles* You know I luffs you x3 ;3
More people I luffs:
@skyfall4 My super sweet, super awesome friend! You cheer me up Also quite sneaky
@sugarsprig You are fantastic
@mami A beautiful soul
@solnyshko Heheh, you make me smile
@gumiho710 Super fun and super friend x3
@bingo Kind person and great friend
@momokie Lovely and warm
@raindrops Thoughtful and friendly
*in retaliation towards @wildirishrubyrose*
@wildirishrubyrose has been one of the most life-changing figures whom I have ever met. I cannot fully express exactly how much she's done for me, that would take more than a few pages! Whether she knows it or not, she has been such an amazing source of friendship, light, and happiness within my life. She's been an amazing gift that I never would have expected to have several years ago. Even now, despite moving to an entirely different city, I have no doubt nor any fear about the strength of our friendship. I know she'll always be there for me, and I hope she knows that I will forever be there for her. That's what sisters do, after all

Bean Sack Collection

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Reminders: Mecha/Barbat (S), Ibridi (W)

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bingo • 1 day ago

Ooh I certainly would consider it! That sounds cute x3 Aw no, what kinda stuff do you usually do to keep boredom at bay? I used to play games sooo much but now I don't have time! Mine was up and down haha, yesterday I took like three naps which was nice but today I had to work

bingo • 1 day ago

Oof thank you thank you xD And yeah I dabble in all sorts of artsy things! Haha yeah I'd love to get out of the southeast though, too humid! D8 How was your weekend??

bingo • 2 days ago

in the bio to both my shops And yeah I have a few kitties! She is doing pretty good, it's just like Type 2 diabetes in people! So she gets insulin every 12 hours and I check her blood sugar throughout the day/night and all that. Would love for her to go into remission tho >.

bingo • 2 days ago

Oh that's such a good idea using an app! I think I know the elliptical you're talking about, I used one once at the gym but did a pitiful job LOL I'm too scrawny sometimes! Exercise is good though, keep at it! And yeah if you check my insta (paperdonkeys) I have a link -

bingo • 2 days ago

- support Diabetic Cats In Need, a nonprofit I can't remember if I've told you already but one of my kitties was diagnosed in March 0:

bingo • 2 days ago

Ooh what kinda exercises? I bought a jump rope last year because I used to love it but I get exhausted after like two jumps LOL. This week I've just been finishing up a lot of art projects I've been working on. I finally submitted a "catvocate" tee design in my shop, they're to -

bingo • 2 days ago

Pff I wish starting pay around here was 10/hr! I've been working the same job for almost 4 years and still haven't reached that high. Haha and right aren't the Kettus adorable? For some reason I only like the infant stage though!

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

-in my backlog, because I'm a slow reader and I like to finish a webtoon all the way until the end xD

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

Ya I can handle small groups! I just need to know what I'm talking about, or else I'll embarrass myself and my face becomes super red xD

I like Lumine (Just finished it), Unordinary, Tower of God, Let's Play, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, I Love Yoo, and a lot more-

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

*Avoids being a researcher* Ya practice has made me feel more comfortable at presenting as well! Although I'm still awkward and shy still 0^0 My face gets really red when I'm presenting as well...I just look at the teacher and people I know as I'm talking ^^

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

I'm doing well! Finished first week of high school, and it was super tiring... And yeah time passes really quickly, even though it feels like the exact opposite... I'll try my best to research and plan as much and as soon as possible! xD

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

For presenting, I mean just in general in the medical field, do you have to be decent at it? I'm not a good public speaker ^^"

You read Webtoons as well?! That's awesome! What comics do you read?

cloudslay3r • 1 week ago

Ahh I see! I haven't done much research yet, been putting it off for a while ^^" I'm easily distracted and super lazy, maybe I'll do some during Christmas break. Big maybe xD

Uh oh. I'm not great at memorizing stuff. I struggle to remember what I did yesterday ^^"

hippy • 1 week ago

Thank you!

hippy • 1 week ago

Yes, that is more than perfect!

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