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Ian • 6 September 2013 at 2:40 PM

First off, welcome to the contests and giveaways forum! Here, you can start your own contest for the community to participate in. Contests can be dedicated to a large number of topics: art, gaining feeds for creatures, writing, and much more! However, there are problems that can sometimes come along with contests, so we have a small set of rules/guidelines that should be followed to eliminate these issues.

Rules to starting a contest or giveaway:

- All prizes should be clearly described in the first post. Prizes should not be altered during the duration of the event, but rewards may be added on. For example, if the first place prize is one million EC, it should not be reduced to 500k EC at any time. However, it is fine if travels, creatures, CSP items, more EC, etc. are added on while the contest or giveaway is running.

- All contest prizes should be distinctly stated in the first post. "Surprise prizes" are not permitted in contests. Giveaways can have some form of surprise, but the pool of possibilities must be given.

- A deadline or method by which the contest/giveaway ends should be clearly stated in the first post. The deadline can be a date, a certain amount of stats that a creature gains, etc. Contests/giveaways should not have their finishing date extended subsequent to the event starting. Additionally, methods that encourage spam are not permitted (e.g. random chit-chat).

- Contests/giveaways should not be ended without the prize being given out. If an event has to end early for whatever reason, the rewards must still be given out. This is to prevent the event holder being the only person that benefits from the event.

- There should be no entrance fee or method by which a participant must give up creatures/currency/items to earn points. Saying something such as "giving me an Aurora Borealis travel will earn you an extra 50 points!" is not permitted.

If you feel that there is any ambiguity in these rules, or you see a event holder breaking one of them, please send us a ticket and we will take any actions that are necessary. Keep in mind that all other rules stated in our Terms of Service and Forum Rules still apply here (as well as in any other place on this site!)

And most importantly, have fun!