POKEMON SUN AND MOON EEVEE ADOPTION (And an explanation for me being gone for years xD)

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emeraldstar • 1 October 2017 at 4:22 AM

Hey guys!

I'm back! I've been going through a lot of changed lately, hence my hiatus. Sorry guys!

Anyway, with the new Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games coming out this November (yay) I decided to re-make something I started a while back....


You can place two orders for an eevee/eeveelution. You can specify gender and evolution. Here's the form:

Pokemon Sun/Moon trainer name:
Desired Eeveelution/Eevee:
Desired Gender:


Trainer name: Bob
Eeveelution: Glaceon and Leafeon
Genders: Leafeon boy and Glaceon girl.

If I get a shiny and I want to give it away (that means I'll already have had one myself) It'll be put into a raffle and the person who's name gets picked will get a shiny eeveelution of their choice.

In return for the Eevee, I am seeking Sun specific pokemon (I have pokemon Moon) to help complete my pokedex to help get a shiny charm.

There will be a slight delay as I breed and hatch every one myself and I don't have wifi up and running on my Nintendo yet.