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alphawolf14 • 24 January 2019 at 10:18 AM

This is one of my books but it is in role playing form. Enjoy!!!

Star's Life

Prologue -13 years ago
Sarah: Run!
Kyo-kun: No I can’t leave you!
Sarah: You need to take Star keep her safe tell her who we are and what she is when she has the powers of the universe at age 13.
Kyo-kun: Bu-
(loud explosion)
Sarah: There is no time go! And keep her safe from them!
Kyo-kun: Okay
(Says goodbye and flies with Star and cries)
Sarah thoughts: She is safe when the time comes she will know who she is.
Stranger: Where Is She Sarah!(appeared)
Sarah: Gone by now far from here and you can never find her Akito!
Akito: Don’t be too sure Sarah you know I can find her!
Sarah whispered: Itougutyghyfff. (smiled)
Akito: Sarah why are you smiling?
(Akito looking at Sarah)
Sarah: You will never know what brother!
( atter a magic word and disappeared)
Aktio: NOOOOOO! Find her if it is the last thing you do! She is the key to find that child of her now go!
( the spies run to give info to the network they work at. A thousand miles away)
Sarah: Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang good to see you three.
Moonstar: You to Sarah.
Sunlight: HIIIIIIII!
Hawkfang: Hey
Sarah: Guys I need you to keep Star safe from Aktio for me you know what is at stake right?
Moonstar: Yes we can Sarah, O yah Sarah our spies said that your brother want to find you because you are the key to find your child you have right?
Sarah: Yes it is true Moonstar. Moonstar protect Star because I’m going in hiding.
Moonstar: yes we’ll do that for you Sarah.
Sarah: Thank you Moonstar. Now here this is where I told kyo-kun to go before I said run. O yah Moonstar I’m pregnant with another child but Star is the only person is the universe. Okay? So please don’t tell him? Otherwise he will try to find me.
Moonstar: Yes. Bye Sarah.
Sarah: you to.
(A thousand more miles away from Sarah)
Kyo-kun: Star I will keep you safe no matter what happens I will keep you safe.
( Moonstar,Hawk fang, and Sunlight appeared )
Moonstar: Hi Kyo-kun
Kyo-kun: Who are you? And how do you know my name?
Moonstar: Sarah sent us after she escape her brother. I guess she didn’t tell you who we are I’m Moonstar. This is my twin sister Starlight, and this is Hawkfang.
Kyo-kun:Where is she? Is she alright? Can I see her?
Moonstar: One you can’t see her because you can lead her brother to her. Two she is alright. And three she is hidden only until Star has her powers.
Kyo-kun: Okay? Why is she hiding?
Moonstar:Well she is the key to find Star. Sarah sent us to protect her without Star knowing.
Kyo-kun: Okay. Do want you must to protect her!
Moonstar: Yes we will.
(transform into people and they become protector of Star)
Chapter 1 : 30 years later
Future Star’s Diary: All I ever know was that I had no mother ever since I was born. My dad said she is the most beautiful person ever. My mother died after I was born, but I know he was lying to me I known him all my life, but I never know that I’m the universe. I’m getting ahead of myself let's go to the beginning before I know who I was and more.
( Back in time in 2017)
Moonstar: Star come on we’re going be late for the first day of school!
Star: Okay,okay i’m coming give me a second.
(jumps out the window to the ground.)
Hawkfang: Star be careful when you jump out that window!
Star: Okay Hawkfang.
Hawkfang: geez sometimes you act like a tomboy.
Star: I am a tomboy!
Hawkfang: no you're half a tomboy.
Star: Hawkfang I am a Tomboy!
Hawkfang: No You Are Not!
Moonstar: take it easy both of you.
Star: Tell him that!
(points to Hawkfang)
Hawkfang: No tell her!
(points to Star)
Sunlight: Both Of You Stop! We’re going to be late(getting Mad)
Star & Hawkfang: Okay Sunlight(shocked)
Moonstar:Thanks sis
Sunlight:No problom.Now let’s go.
(runs to school)
Ms.Ride: Hello class(Walking in the classroom)
Everyone: Hi Ms.Ride
Ms.Ride: Today we have four transfer students. Come one in.
(Star, Moonstar, Hawkfang, and Sunlight came in one at a time)
Ms.Ride: Class this is Star, Moonstar,Sunlight,and Hawkfang
Moonstar: Hey
Ms.Ride: you four can sit over there by the widow
All: okay(took a seat by the windows)
Ms.Ridelease take out your textbook and turn it to page 200.
Announcement: Students I want you to come to the adatom with your teachers 5th period thank-you and have a good day!
Ms.Ride: That principal will be the end of this school!(Yelling in a soundproof room)
Star: Are you okay Ms.Ride?
Ms.Ride: Sorry class you all know I have a temper.
(Sunlight raised her hand)
Ms.Ride: Yes Sunlight?
Sunlight: What was that for?
Ms.Ride: O the principal does that twice a week for I don’t know what.
Sunlight: Okay
(5th period and in the adutrom.)
Star:What do you think it is?
Moonstar, Sunlight & Hawkfang: I don’t know.
Moonstar talking in the head with Sunlight & Hawkfang: I don’t like this one bit guys.
Sunlight:I don’t ether.
Hawkfang:We’re going to find out what it is right?
Moonstar & Sunlight: Yes we are and we are leaving when something is wrong!
Principal: Hello students to day I am going to retire from this school so give a warm welcome to the new principal Mr.Tan.
Ms.Ride: What! Stan What Are You Thinking Of Retiring And Giving This Job To Him Without Telling Me!
Stan: Easy Ms.Ride.
Ms. Ride: No I’m Not going to go easy!
Stan: Come on Ms. Ride I thin-
(Boom, Students screaming)
Stan: What The?!??!!?!??!(Screaming)
Ms. Ride: No! Akito Where Are You Brother!
Akito: Right Here Sarah After 13 years I found you sis.
Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang: Star we need to go!
Star: Okay.

End of chapter 1
Chapter 2
Star’s diary: My first day of school holy cow what a day for me. Now let’s continue the story. Shall we.
(In the audtrom)
Moonstar: Let’s go everyone!(in a whisper to Sunlight, Hawkfang,and Star)
(walking towards the exits, Sky blocks the exits)
Sky: Where do you think you four are doing?
Moonstar: We are leaving!
Sky: No you are not!
Moonstar: Yes we are! Don’t you see this school is under attacked?
Sky: So you are not leaving the school because of the attacked!
(Sky grabs Star)
Star:Let me go
Sky:No tell your friend to get back in their se-
(Sunlight hits Sky in the stomach, Star falls to the ground)
Star: Ofh
(Moonstar puts a cloth with sleeping gas on Sky)
Moonstar:Star! Are you okay?
Hawkfang: Let’s go now!( pick up Sky)
(All runs with Sky in their arms. The four checked for phones or other things on Sky)
Moonstar: Sunlight you know what to do
Sunlight:Got it.
Star: Huh
Hawkfang: Moonstar is saying we will erase this person’s memory with another one so we won’t get in trouble. Okay?
(Sky lost the memory of Star and her friends and took her home saying that she was attacked by a group of people and she got knocked out by one so when we help her escape from them and we got her home. This is the memory they put on her)
Moonstar: Man I was starting to like that school!
Star: I didn’t like that school except for Ms. Ride
Sunlight: Me to
Hawkfang: hey let’s go home.
All: yah
(Running home)
Star: I’m cooking
Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang: ok
(Star goes to the kitchen)
Moonstar: I saw Sarah!
Hawkfang: This is bad
Sunlight: We need to get out of this town!(hit the table)
Moonstar: We can’t do that to Star. we can go to a different school here.
Hawkfang: Moonstar this town is dangerous because Akito you know that.
Moonstar: I know but Star.
Hawkfang: I know what you are thinking but we need to go.
(Walks in with food)
Star: Eat up! (smiling)
Moonstar: Star we need to g-
Star: I know go to a new school.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3
Star’s diary: Like I said what a day for me. I still don’t know why we moved around so much, but I don’t argue. I know that we move from town to town, school to school. So annoying but we get to travel over the world. It cool then but now I don’t know I think it is boring. Now let's continue the story ……
Star: What town are we going to now guys?
Moonstar: Actually we are going to be going to Hollywood to see your dad.
Star: What really?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Hawkfang: Yes and he knows we are coming.
Star: I haven’t seen my dad this week yet! So this is going to be fun!
Moonstar: Come on we are going to be late for the plane.
Star: OKay
Sunlight: Moonstar are you sure that this is a smart move?
Moonstar: Yes Sunlight I’m sure
Sunlight: Alright but some thing speesees going on we’re going to Japan again!
Moonstar: Yes sis
Star: Come one Moonstar and Sunlight race you all to the airport!
(Star, Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang runs to the airport.)
Star: Beat you three!
(The four kids got on the plane and in the air)
Star: This will be the most awesome time of my life!!!
Moonstar: Yes Star it is amazing to your dad after a week of his new movie.
Star: Yah but I wonder how he is doing?
Hawkfang: I don’t know but do you want to play cards with me?
Star: Shure!
(Played for five hours and out the plane into a car to go to Kyo-kun)
Hawkfang: We’re here
Star: Awesome!!( jumping up and down)
Kyo-kun: Hi Star how is it going?
Star: Hi dad good so far on the first day of a new school was weird thought.
Moonstar,Sunlight, and Hawkfang: Ackkkkk.(shocked)
Kyo-kun: Oh really Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang can tell me all about it. (smiled at them.)
Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang: Okay.
Kyo-kun: Star go on to see the actor of Bella K? While I talk to them(points to Sunlight, Moonstar, and Hawkfang)
(Star runs to the actor of Bella)
Kyo-kun: In my office.
Moonstar: okay
(in Kyo-Kun’s office)
Kyo-kun: What happen!
Moonstar: It was Atkio. He was there with Sarah fighting at a school.
Moonstar:Atkio made a bomb and put it in the school.
Kyo-Kun: Why come here?
Moonstar: I think it is time to tell her.
Kyo-kun: I know but Star has she got her powers?
Moonstar: Yes and it is her 13 birthday so yes.
Kyo-kun: Aggg!
Moonstar: Kyo-kun star is in danger.
Kyo-kun: I know
Moonstar: I think it is time to tell her and train her to use her power and we will going to headquarters.
Kyo-kun: Ok I need a break anyway.
Moonstar: ok I will get Star.
( Goes to get Star.)
Star: Bye Bella
Bella: By!
Star: Hi Moonstar
Moonstar: Star we are going on a trip with your dad.
Star: Awesome!
(goes back to the office)
Kyo-kun: Hey Star I need to tell you something that is important.
Star: Okay?
Kyo-kun: Star you are the universe.
Star: What?????

End of chapter 3

Chapter 4
Star’s diary: So that weird my dad said that i’m the universe. But let’s continue the story.
(in Kyo-kun’s office)
Kyo-kun: Star today is your 13th birthday and on that day you get the powers of the universe and be the universe.
Star: What are you talking about?!?!
Kyo-kun: Star your mother’s name is Sarah.
Star: What you are telling me that I meet my mother? (thought back to the school)
Kyo-kun: Yes.
Star: So Ms. Ride was my mother?
Kyo-kun: Your uncle Aktio wanted to steal your powers from you at age 13. Moonstar, Sunlight, and Hawkfang are here to protect you from Atiko.
Star: Is this true?
Moonstar: Yes
Moonstar: Guys transform in your true form.
Sunlight & Hawkfang: okay
(the three friends transforms in their true forms)
Star: What the?!?!?!
Moonstar: This is our true form we are the guardians of the universe since the beginning of time.
Star: So you're telling me that you are like a billion years older than me?
Moonstar: Yes and we need to go to a safe pla-
Star: NO!
(all were shocked.)
Star: No because you guys are rushing and I’m tired of moving around so much.
Moonstar: But this is the last time we move.
Star: So I can’t take it anymore I just want to go to school for a whole year!(cried)
Sunlight Whispered: now you done it.
Moonstar:Star let me show what would happen if Akito got you.
Star: Okay?(goes closer to Moonstar)
(Moonstar touched Star’s head and gave her the vision to see what would happen if Aktio got her)
Star: Is all of this true?
Moonstar: Yes
Star: Okay I’ll go with you.
Moonstar: Okay Star we need to train you so you can use your powers right.
Star: okay.
Kyo-kun: I’ll tell the boss I’m going on vacation.
Moonstar: Your dad is going with us.
Kyo-kun: I need to tell you a lot of things.
(goes on a trip)
Moonstar: Okay so you have the powers of the -
Star: universe yes I know that part but why?
Moonstar: Well I was going to the history before you interrupted.
Star:sorry go around
Moonstar: As I was saying Star the first universe had children more inportlinging that she is your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great a billion years great grandma.
Star: What so many greats grandmother is the universe!(surprised)
Moonstar: Yes.
Star: Wow! I never know that!
Moonstar: Because Your mother was hiding from your uncle Aktio.
Star: right.
Moonstar: Star you have a lesson with your dad next.
Star: okay bye!
(Goes to her dad)
Moonstar: She has a lot to learn.
(Star with her dad.)
Kyo-kun: Star I’m a shadowhunter who hunt bad people like vampires and Werewolves
And demons but not all are bad.
Star: Really?
Kyo-kun: Yes and that is why today I’m going to train you like a shadowhunter for today.
Star: Awesome!
Kyo-kun: Go over there to that tree for a bit so I can get something first.
Star: Okay

End of Chapter 4

Chapter 5
Star’s diary: So I learned my history and found out that my billion year’s great grandmother was the universes that made the beginning of time. My dad is a shadow hunter and that my three best friends in the world was my billion year’s great grandma’s first friends/protectors too. Let's go continue the story…
Kyo-kun: She has a lot to learn.
(Kyo-kun grabs the supplies and go to Star.)
Kyo-kun: First we need to practice how to defend yourself.
Star: Okay
(After an hour star has learn to defend herself.)
Kyo-kun: Star today's lesion is done now go to Sunlight.
Star: Okay.
(Star goes to Sunlight.)
Sunlight: Hi Star Today we are going to learn to fly.
Star: What?!?!? How?
Sunlight:Me, you, your dad, Moonstar, and Hawkfang have wings so did your mother.
Star: That is so cool!
Sunlight: Yes All your ancestors to. Even Rin
Star: Who’s Rin?
Sunlight:Rin he is half demon son of Satan but don't tell him that since he hates him.
Star: Really?Why?
Sunlight: Well Satan killed Rin’s father Shiro.
Star: Shiro I heard of him.
Sunlight: You do?!
Star: Yes I read it in a book that he died in the church with a heart attacked but I think it is a lie.
Sunlight: Well it is a lie. But let's get to the leasen.
Sunlight: Okay so first you get your wings ou-
(Star’s wings got out,they are blue+her hair too+she had a wolf tail and ears. Rin flue in)
Rin: Hey Sunlight
Sunlight: Rin! What are you doing here?
Rin: Well I got called by Kyo-kun my Paraguay.
Star: Sunlight who is this?
Sunlight: O Star this is Rin, Rin this is Star.
Rin: Hi Star
Star: Hi?
Sunlight: Star Rin is your dad’s Poderage.
Star: Cool! What’s a poderage?
Rin: A poderage is when two shadowhunters or Exoriest makes an oath to protect each other's back forever. And he is half demon too.
Sunlight: Rin!
(Sunlight uses her wings to try to cut Rin. Rin catches it.)
Rin: Sunlight you know I can catch it.
Sunlight: I know.
(Blakie came in.)
Blackie: Rin are you fighting?
Star: Who said that?
Sunlight: Who said what?
Rin: S-s-she can hear Blackie?
Star: Who’s Blackie.
Rin: This is Blackie(points to Blackie)
Star: The cat is name Blackie?
Sunlight: Yes and he is a demon that is Rin’s Familiar.
Rin: Yes But how can she hear blackie?
Sunlight: You don’t mean she is developing her powers already?
Rin: Yes I think so.
Blackie: Rin can Star hear every word I saying to you right now?
Rin: Yes.
Star:What is going on here?
Rin:Star your powers are growing super fast like my powers when I transform from human to my demon side.
Star: Oh but why is my powers growing to fast?
Rin: I think it deals with your blood too.
Star: My blood?
Sunlight: You don’t think what I think it is?
Rin: Yes.
Sunlight: Star go get Moonstar, Hawkfang, and your dad now.
Star: Got it.
(Star got Moonstar, Hawkfang, and Kyo-kun to Sunlight)
Moonstar, Hawkfang, Kyo-kun: Rin!
Rin: Hi.
Kyo-kun: Rin why are you here?
Rin: Star needs to learn to control hers powers.
Kyo-kun: Why?
Sunlight: Star is already developing her powers already.
Kyo-kun: She IS!?
(Moonstar Hawkfang & Kyo-kun are shocked)
Rin: Yes because she can already hear Blackie.
Blackie: Hi!
Moonstar: Blackie why are you here!
Blackie: I’m here with Rin like always.
Moonstar: I know.
Kyo-kun: Okay let get this straight Star is already developing her powers already?
Rin: Yes and now she is more endangered than ever.
Star: More endanger? What is going on here? (Heard everything and is confused.)

End of Chapter 5

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