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rapidashfan13 • 26 February 2019 at 8:49 PM

Seen a post about writing and wanted to do my own. I'm not the best at editing my apologies!


Living life with a secret is pretty easy right? Well not when the secret can cause so much problems and world disaster. A secret that if it got out could ruin the life of the person keeping it. A secret that hasn't even come to light yet but when it does...! If you think this story is going to be funny and full of laughter, stop reading now. Just keep scrolling back to the forum page and forget you ever looked here. Your still here? Seriously this story is not for the faint of heart. I mean it will start like any other story will, you'll start reading it and say in your head "this isn't so bad." Once upon a time blah blah blah... Right? Or it was a cold and rainy night.... Nope not this one. Have I caught your attention yet? Good! Welcome to the story of life.

Chapter 1

Cough! Cough! Cough! The stink of the exhaust from the school bus got in my lungs and I couldn't stop coughing. My eyes are tearing up as I manage to get the rest of the stink out of my lungs. I wipe the tears away furious that I have to start every day coughing and crying thanks to that stupid bus. I start walking to the nearest door and hear my name being belted out loud. "Crystal!" I smile and turn around to see my best friend running from where she got off her bus. I take in her light blonde hair shining in the sun as it glides so nicely in the wind. She's taller then me by a good foot which she keeps teasing me about since we were toddlers. Her outfit was something else though. Shorts with rips in them, runners that look to big on her, and a cute little tank top all fixed up with a scarf that wraps around her long neck. "you do know we have gym today right? You need to get new shoes soon or else Mr.Sharp is going to bench you again." Brianna rolls her eyes "If he was going to bench me he would of done it already. Besides I'm the best volleyball player this school has, so he can't bench me." I laugh and agree with a nod. The school bell rings and we quickly head opposite directions to get our stuff for first class.

More to come...