Ezria and Asharia's Arts [Open]

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alexandrianovak • 19 March 2019 at 6:41 PM

Ezria is my arcweom's, and alongside Asharia, her best friend Solire, she enjoys doing doodles and digital art.

They will do pokemon sprite edits, any kind of traditional art, and digital art.

-Please Be kind
- Don't be afraid to PM me with questions or ask me here
-Prices are able to be covered with items values in a user store or creatures at their value on Budgie's guide
-Don't be afraid to ask for fixes I'll be happy to fix any art

Pokemon Sprites:
5kec each
They can do edits such as:
Recoloring a sprite, Candyfloss, Grey Scale, Pallette Swap, Color Flip, Type Swaps, Tron, Chocolate, Fusions, Gijinka, Trainer Sprite Edits, Berries, Data, Line less, Outlines, PMD Sprite edits/Portraits, Shadow, Gummi, Silhouettes, Angel, Devil, Flare, Shadeless, Inferno/reverse Inferno, Party, Paper, Heartless.
Examples can be found at this link: https://imgur.com/a/9pLZ6LE

Traditional Art:
Sketch- 5k ec
Bust- 10k ec
Fullbody- 15k ec

Will Do:
-Human Hybrids
- Eggs/ Animals on here (Case by Case baises)
-Anything Else ask
Examples found at this link: https://imgur.com/a/YBmGzIU

Digital Arts:
Most of their digital Art includes f2u bases since they haven't gotten very good at doing hand drawn things yet on the tablet...
Full reference- 25k ec
Icons- 10k ec
Really bad hand done stuff- PWYW

Full reference Bases:
Anthro Cat,Canine (3 bases),Dragon feral, Dutch Angel Dragon (4 different Bases), Feline Fem, Fem. Wolf/bunny, Floofling, Fennec Fox feral, General base 5 species, General full body front m/f, Kirin feral, Kitsune feral, Leopard Gecko anthro, Lion m/f feral, Manokit m/f, Protogen, Rat/mouse, Reindeer, Sabertooth cat feral, sergal (2x bases)

-Angel Dragon x2, Bird, Cat, cat/dog with heart hands, Couple nose boop (dog with perky/Floppy ears or cat. Singles are fine), Dragons 2 styles, Dog, dog/cat showing paws, Eye, Feral Cat, General cute base, Gryphon, Heart w/ Tail and ear (used for couple icons but single is fine), Hoodie base (fem), Sergal 2 styles, WickerBeast

Digital examples found https://imgur.com/a/PFIuOhQ

With all that, We are open please ping me