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aurorafire • 7 May 2019 at 1:27 PM

Welcome to Skywind the wolf RP world their are 10 clans to join
* Midnight clan
* Sky clan
* Death clan
* Aurora clan I am in
* Leaf clan
* Frost clan
* Light clan
* Ocean clan
* Flame clan
* Storm clan
* or just loner
>< Rules ><
* You can join any clan but if you wanna be alpha you have to tell me of what clan and ask me for permisson all are avalible
* When you join tell me name, looks, gender, age, clan, rank, and possible wanting element stone
* Element stones are items that give you power of the element granting you wings and those element symbols on you but the element stone can turn on and off there is one of each stone you can make the stone up Aurora stone is taken by me
* if you find someone playing this too and you like them they can be your wolf mate and pups are too just no swearing, sexual or just harrassment or and sexual stuff.
name : Aurora Fire
gender : female
age : young female
rank : top beta
looks : light pink with light faded blue down feet light purple followed by blue at tip of tail icy blue eyes pink at tip of ears purple at middle and blue at bottom of ear faded blue with inner purple small heart on forhead lashes and pink blue and purple pads aurora stone necklace with light blue and purple and pink lacing and aurora symbols all over me.

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thelaizywolf2019 • 8 June 2019 at 10:43 PM

@aurorafire can I join? Also can she be an alpha and have a frost elemental stone?

Name: Valeros
Gender: Female
Age: Experienced young female
Rank: Alpha of Frost Clan (Formerly of Light Clan)
Looks: A big sleek and muscular white female she-wolf with snow blue eyes (with a grey tint). Her entire body is covered with crystal-like icicles.

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blackivy25 • 5 July 2019 at 4:40 PM

Can I be Alpha of ocean clan but used to be of fire clan cause I hybrid of dark Angel and wolf?
Sleek,black,muscular with purple and teal swirls,purple black wings.
POWERS:Intelligence,Ocean and Fire
AGE:young but experienced

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asrieldreemurr • 5 August 2019 at 5:03 AM

@aurorafire I will like to join! May my character be an Alpha of the Death Clan?

Name: Nemesis
Gender: Female
Age: Experienced Young
Rank: Alpha of the Death Clan (Formerly the Light Clan's Alpha's second child)
Elemental Stone: Soul Stone (It's a stone with a gold outline with the middle part, a mirror. It is said when someone offends the Alpha greatly, their soul will be taken from the body to the stone.)
Looks: Nemesis is a small sleek she-wolf and her eyes are void-black with piecing white irises. Her fur is also void-black and seems not to have an outline. Her teeth are completely white and sharp. She has a leather necklace with a death ankh symbol(made of with the Soul Stone inserted on it.
Personality: Nemesis is malicious, sadistic and is seen as an immortal. She is quite cunning and can create powerful and realistic illusions that even trick the subconsciousness of her victim.

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magicalstars9aj • 2 September 2019 at 4:19 AM

@aurorafire Please can I join? Can I be in Ocean Clan and have a Water Elemental Stone?

Name: Ocean
Gender: Female
Age: Tween Wolf
Rank: Beta
Looks: White fur with grey on her legs fading into white to match the fur. Blue eye with three little grey spots on her cheeks which aren’t visible when far away. Has white wings with an unusual brown nose and grey around her mouth fading into white.

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asrieldreemurr • 2 September 2019 at 4:41 AM

@magicalstars9aj @aurorafire really hasn't come on. I have a roleplay with the exact same idea as @aurorafire if you want to roleplay this early.

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magicalstars9aj • 2 September 2019 at 4:54 AM

I’m just waiting for aurorafire to approve because usually players say they can join or if their characters are too op and stuff. I don’t role play a lot in forums, I just do it when I’m bored.