Overwatch Roleplay (Hanzo x Oc)

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raregem1996 • 14 May 2019 at 1:58 AM

I have literally tried everywhere; 20 facebook rp groups, 5 roleplay sites, several friends who play overwatch and i have had no luck. Alot of people roleplay here so im hoping i can find someone for my needs. So, I am writing a fanfiction for Hanzo Shimada and I am looking for someone to roleplay Hanzo for the story. It is an action/romance/slice-of-life roleplay. You dont need to know overwatch, just Hanzo. If you do not know his backstory, at least try and understand his personality, although i do want him slightly more emotional then normal due to one of the stories themes. I would prefer to roleplay with a male, but a female will do as long as you know Hanzo really well. I request a paragraph response, and please use the best grammar as possible, dont worry if you make mistakes because ill edit them in the story. I can send you the link to my first two chapters so you can catch up on what we will being working off of. Also, please be aware i would like to take this roleplay elsewhere. Thank you for the time you took to read this.