The Four Queens

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Is this a good Roleplay?

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pretzel • 20 May 2019 at 10:58 PM

(This is a roleplay I made up.If something is very similar to this i'm sorry.)

1. Follow The EGGCAVE rules!
2. No killing another persons oc without permission.
3.No controlling another persons Character.
4. Have Fun!
5. Oh wait... You CAN ask to be either one of the queens Or one of those town folks. But you don't wake up in that small mismatched meadow with the others if you choose to do so.

There are Four queens, Ice , Fire , Nature , and Wind. They all use to live happily together as sisters. Till.. a great fight struck the Fire and Wind princess has started separating people with Wind or Fire. As Ice and Nature stayed together they soon ended separating the last of the people. Now they live in different small towns each called after what they love or their names Meadow Town , Skies Town , Fire Town , and Ice Town. There was then a few people who walked through the towns and every town they fought and defeated the queens...Till the last. They failed never being seen again...
Of course it's just a tale... Right?

Your characters wake up from a dream of the four queens from that "tale" fighting and separating into their towns. As you soon realize your not in your bed are you? Your in a small patch of grass some grass frozen, Some burnt, and then just dirt.

(I prefer you putting if your an (Town) townsfolk, The queen (You need to ask to be these two.) Or the Adventurers (You don't need to ask to be an adventurer.)

-*My Forms*-
Name: Chika Whistle
Age: 11
Gender: F
Appearance: A small freckled girl with pale skin, Ginger hair, and green eyes. She has an irish accent and wears mostly brown rags. She is quite short (The size of a first grader).
Personality: She somehow smiles away her Problems... Bubbly, Kind, and Outgoing
History: She is quite poor before she came to the mysterious land..She is an Orphan who carries a small brown teddy bear missing an eye and stuffing.
Other: Adventurer.

Name: Tommy Pik
Age: 12
Gender: M
Appearance: A quite tall tan skinned blonde haired bow with brown eyes. He always looks quite mad even if he isn't. He wears a blue shirt and black sneakers with long brown pants.
Personality: Quite Rude and Trust Issues.
History: He wont talk about it neither have any clues towards it.
Other: Adventurer

* Before you say anything. If there is extra spots for the queens I will let everyone know, If the others don't say if they will be queen I will take the extra spots for the queens.
*If your gonna make a Townsfolk for one of the Towns or be a queen I might suggest making an adventurer oc since the queens towns will be walked through by the adventurers.

@pretzel - Chika Whistle (Adventurer)
@pretzel - Tommy Pik (Adventurer)