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xxsalyadarkenxx • 10 February 2021 at 11:15 PM

Hello there. I would like to tell you about a sandbox RP forum that I run. It's more then just RP thou.

Site title: Tainted Onez
Url: http://www.taintedonez.taintedwingz.xyz
Rating: Teen with some YA to M rating.
About us:
Tainted Onez is a fantasy sandbox role-play forum that allows its members to role-play anything that wish. Members can do more then just role-play, they can chat, show off skills in Artwork, Graphic designs, writing and coding. There are no limits on Words nor Characters. Members earn forum gold and collectables by being active.

There is more: You can Make a fan-club, join a guild or TOZ's clubs.

What you can collect:
Sprites from games/anime/more
Digital Dolls
Trading cards < Now added. ^^
Adoptables? < need designers for this.

New members can PM me on there and ask for their starter pack. Which holds 10 random stamps, 1,000 Gold and 5 random Trading cards.

Tainted Onez is a free forum that I host on my own sever. So yea... I'm looking for people to join. Anyone may join but if you wish to become a staff member then you need to have skills in designing graphics, making sprites, basic HTML coding.

And for a plus, you can show off your pets from here on there.