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scout • 19 March 2021 at 2:38 PM

Echo was one of the Velociraptors that were being trained by Owen Grady during Jurassic World. She was the third oldest of the four raptors.

Species: Velociraptor
Role: Research specimen
Status: Deceased
Family: Blue, Delta, Charlie (sisters)
Born: 2012
Died: 2015

Isla Nublar Incident: Echo

Echo and her packmates were used to stop the genetic hybrid Indominus rex's rampage. However, Echo and her packmates were able to communicate with the hybrid, which ordered them to attack the humans following them. Her and Delta then arrive back at the compound and attack the mobile veterinarian vehicle (MVU-12) Claire Dearing and the Mitchell brothers were hiding in. After Delta kills an InGen trooper, Echo lunges through the driver's side window and tries to kill Claire but ends up falling out. They then continue their pursuit of the vehicle on foot. Echo tried to attack the driver's side again, but is driven into a tree by Claire.

They later caught up with Owen, Claire, Gray, and Zach, and reinstated Owen as their pack alpha. When the Indominus ordered them to attack again, they instead followed Owen's orders. However, the two were overwhelmed by the hybrid. Delta was thrown into the Winston's Steakhouse Grill and roasted alive while Echo was snatched by the hybrid's jaws and thrown away.