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warghost141 • 3 May 2021 at 8:09 AM

I have been recently thinking about my time on eggcave and now that I actually write this I have been on here for seven years and never really had any propa friends I usually am rather quiet and dont really mix in theses days.

When i started out I spent my time helping people get creatures doing giveaways and I was left with no real friends or anyone to talk too, But at the same time I have fantastic help from players who are no longer here and that makes me sad.

My interest

I am mainly at work which sucks really I working a supermarket cafe and its tiring i do 5 days a week but when I am not working I love to spend my time on adoptable games ,creating art playing on my ps4-ps5 I am a massive gamer its all i do really lol

I am also a music lover anything but country I also love foreign music like Dir En Grey, BTS plenty of Russian bands too

I love to get tattoos and new piercings too I believe are body is a blank canvas

My deviant

Here is my main deviant its currently under profile work but its still cool to check out if you like

Here is my deviant account for my eggacve creature designs and some other things I might be working on feel free to add me on there if you like

Well thank you for reading this and I hope to talk to you all soon

also feel free to leave your unwinding of intros here I would love to read them

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wyvernwyrm • 8 May 2021 at 8:31 AM

Hey, I’m Wyv! I’m pretty new here, but I really love meeting new people, so if you don’t mind my noobness, I’m always open to chatting! I’m sort of obsessed with collecting creatures, so this site has become my home very quickly.

Some info about me;;
I, too, work retail. It’s exhausting, but when I’m not at work for most of the week, on the few days off I get, I’m usually on my ps4, my Nintendo Switch, or gaming/browsing the net on my gaming laptop (Youtube is my love).

I’m a serious music lover, and my tastes vary as I really like almost all genres, but my true love is folk music and acoustic songs. This has only recently been something I discovered I enjoyed a lot more than rock or heavy metal songs (though I still very much enjoy those.)

I also love reading books, watching anime, or just binging something on Netflix. I really like movies and shows in general, when I get the time to do so.

I’m really awful at introducing myself, but hopefully that wasn’t too bad, haha. Nice to meet you!

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platformhyde_ • 30 May 2021 at 5:34 PM

i read your thing and you seem interesting. we have music in common.