feed friendly vs non feed friendly

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antimony • 27 October 2023 at 1:21 AM

Hi im new and im wondering why some ppl dont want their creatures fed!
Yep thats it

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minnie298a • 27 October 2023 at 1:35 AM

Feeding, viewing and clicking are how a creatures level is formulated (level 20 and the creature is immortal and can not die), as well as how creatures evolve or grow. Some player don't want their creatures to grow and change for what ever reason. Normally it's an art/aesthetic thing where they love a particular stage. They are usually going to freeze the creature and don't want an evolution until they can organize that. The freezing potion is available in the CC shop and costs real life money, which is why it can take a little bit of time for some.

As a side note, different creatures need a different stat to evolve. You can see what a creature needs by viewing it's Archive page through the Explore drop down menu or by clicking the species name on a creatures profile. For example your featured pet needs views. 500 to hatch from an egg, 1000 for the teen stage and 1500 for the final stage.

8 posts


antimony • 27 October 2023 at 1:01 PM

okay that makes sense thx!