UPDATED: How To Post a Great Creature Suggestion

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Zac • 20 October 2011 at 6:08 PM

Hi all!

I've compiled a list of some tips to consider when posting a suggestion. They are not all mandatory requirements but following these steps may keep us sane for a little while longer.

1. (And this is a biggie!) Try to keep all stages of your creature in ONE image rather than separating them out. It is simply too hard for us to keep track of 3-4 images per idea.

2. When posting your ideas, only post one creature idea per topic and keep your first post updated with the url of your idea. Also, when naming your topic, include the words "creature suggestion," species name, and, if applicable, the occasion for which it is intended.

Good: HW Creature Suggestion - the Halldrag
Bad: ZoNg!!SHIFT1 Look wHAT i DId

3. Make sure your suggestion is in an image format (.gif, .png, .jpg). We cannot store flash drawings.

4. If you're submitting an creature idea for a specific holiday or event, make sure that you post your suggestion well in advance! Egg Cave is operating about 2-3 months ahead for holiday-themed creatures.

5. Don't submit your idea through a ticket. It's a lot easier for us if all suggestions are posted here in this forum.

6. Please tag the post containing links to your creature idea with #creaturesuggestion.

7. And of course, HAVE FUN!

Please understand that, due to the volume of suggestions we receive, staff cannot personally respond to each suggestion. Pinging staff members will not increase the chances of your creature becoming a real Egg Cave creature.

Thanks again for all your great suggestions! We always look forward to seeing what unique ideas you all come up with. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate ask!

Now get creating!