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"so have courage, and be kind,
because where there is kindness, there is goodness;
and where there is goodness, there is magic."


hey there! welcome to my cove.

thanks for visiting, & i hope you have a wonderful day! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)♡


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senkou • 9 Oct 2023, 3:31 AM

pm'ed ^^

stargaze • 28 Jul 2022, 6:46 PM

hey! would your zuote be uft? thanks, sorry to bother if not ^^

thedarkarcher • 25 Apr 2022, 12:58 PM

Thanks so much wishing you a wonderful day as well and hope to catch up soon 😊

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 2:18 PM

Thanks so much, lockdown made me a bit crazy with the amount I spent on here but I didn't really have anything else to buy. Yours has always been so generous and organised I always remember looking fondly at your cove and still do now 😊

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 2:16 PM

Decide to change jobs I really hope you enjoy it and find something that makes you happy. Catch up with you soon hope you rest well 😊

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 2:14 PM

Just checked your wall and we last spoke briefly November last year but I think we was both pretty busy to catch up properly. Yeah it's pretty fun especially when new plants come in it's always fun to see the first few plants of the season 😋 what career do you do atm. If you do

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 2:04 PM

But often stressful lol. how about yourself how has life been since we last spoke? Aww thanks so much, its been really relaxing actually just went for a meal with my mum and brother 💕

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 2:03 PM

I'm so happy you got your only it looks so lovely in your cove ❤️ I will try to remember to feed it daily to help you with the process 😊 wow that really was a long time I haven't been to college in over 3 years, I work at a garden centre ever since I left college which is fun

thedarkarcher • 12 Apr 2022, 1:51 PM

Anniee!!! Omg hi, I saw your trade in the trade centre and was so happy to see you on here. How have you been? I've really missed talking to you 😊

iia • 11 Apr 2022, 10:39 AM

No Problem! Thank you ❤️

iia • 11 Apr 2022, 10:06 AM

Sure 😊

iia • 11 Apr 2022, 10:02 AM

Would you trade a Pendence + Kektron for an Onny?

vanley • 10 Apr 2022, 4:58 PM

Sorry, I'm not really interested in any of those right now ^^'

crystalshard • 9 Apr 2022, 11:09 PM

Hmm, I'm not too interested in anything there. Sorry.

crystalshard • 5 Apr 2022, 6:12 PM

Hmm, I'm mainly interested in a 2nd stage one. But I guess I might be willing to trade onny for a sikeree + CC (Or another creature)?

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