I almost want to quit, but I won't. I'll probably spend all my money on keeping my remaining creatures alive, and be more active in summer. 26 Nov 2015, 9:24 PM

6 August 2015
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3 months old! Does that make me an oldie yet? XD
Sad to say I lost a few eggs during midterms, luckily mostly commons. Planning on NOT losing ANY MORE.

All friend requests accepted, but if the cove is dying and the owner hasn't been on in a while, they might get deleted. If you come back on, send another request and I will accept you...again!

I refuse to let my creatures die here. I feed once a day unless unable, and if any creature has less than 30 happiness they spend 24hrs at Tim's to get back up. All feeds appreciated here. Thanks to those who do!

I do not spend real money here. If I have cc, I probably killed someone for it. Don't ask for anything I have that is cc unless otherwise marked. I mean, you can ask, but you'll probably be shut down pretty quickly.

I try not to be rude, but sometimes my sarcasm is taken the wrong way...sorry if I come across that way.

About Tabs:
Help! - For creatures with less than 50 happiness. PLEASE FEED! (At the moment all probably should stay here until Thanksgiving break when I have time to spare.)
Immortal - For Immortal creatures. Feed if you want to.
UFT - Make me an offer! I don't do two part trades, but I accept EC. These creatures apply to the other tab rules, so they might be in another tab as well.

Clous (Long term project)
Zebbit DONE! Thanks, @poptarts !!!
Quinnit DONE! Thanks, @arvak !!!
All Asteroid Creatures
All Endangered Creatures
All Thief Shop Creatures


I won the CDWC for Aska!!! Check it out! Hoping to write more in the future...and may the best description win!

SCHOOL is here again, and so I will have less time to do anything. My goal is to log in every day and feed my cove, steal new eggs, and respond to people in chats and rps, but that may not always happen. Leave me a message, and I will eventually get back to you. I'm sorry if it's not right away. Weekends may or may not be any less busy than the week. Good luck to everyone else in school and/or affected by it.

Stay awesome,

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scout • 2 Feb 2021, 10:18 PM


quote • 25 Aug 2016, 1:11 PM

Fed all~

vibrancy • 5 Aug 2016, 3:18 PM

Fed your creatures on behalf of #KCH

sharpie • 26 Apr 2016, 5:37 PM

Your creatures are dying. ._.

18kittyrox • 9 Nov 2015, 1:09 AM

REALLY?! That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

18kittyrox • 31 Oct 2015, 9:24 PM

hi! What would you like for one of your fairtops?

emo_pattys • 15 Oct 2015, 8:25 AM

All fed

netherling • 1 Oct 2015, 1:24 AM

*high fives*

chocolatechip • 6 Sep 2015, 10:50 AM

Don't mind me, I'm just tidying up this wall...carry on with your conversations!

leafmelody • 1 Sep 2015, 3:44 AM

Good job on your CDWC Really good! Congrats *Applause start*

eggcaveteam • 31 Aug 2015, 8:23 PM

You won the CDWC. A free Aska has been added to your account. Luv u! ~Team Egg Cave

emilianagerson • 30 Aug 2015, 11:35 PM


ems • 29 Aug 2015, 8:04 PM

lmao thanks. I'm just avoiding looking at all my old posts here because..,.,. honestly it's cringe worthy.