Anything except Foo UFT for full grown Tine~ 2 Feb 2017, 8:56 AM

14 September 2012
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Jordan (you can call me dawn(ie) if you prefer) | 20 | september 27

I've had previous accounts before this, dating back to 2009-2010. If it isn't obvious, I created my name with warriors in mind. I've had a lot of friends here but sadly I don't talk to many of them anymore.


Last stage Biwo
2nd stage Florn
1st stage Mummar
1st stage Olimpt
Last stage Onny
1st stage Oscoa
2nd stage Tine
1st stage Yuki

If you're going to feed any, feed the eggs.

everything not in NFT tab is UFT. NFT tab creatures only UFT for wishlist, except foo, flaren, and roo.

I like having names for when I get new creatures, so I only trade names for cc. (And I won't sell all of them)

I currently have 2150 cc, please only offer wishlist creatures for it.

Creatures (324)


4 months ago

name Jacob UFT? Name of a really close family friend and my cousin. x3

8 months ago


10 months ago

I'll offer a Valenquine as soon as I can 0-0

11 months ago

..... oh. i swear i sent you 500 cc... .n. I'm pretty positive. v.v but if you say so....

11 months ago

Sure! And I know @iridescence got most, if not all of them evolved!

11 months ago

I have some fully evolved Specuoros http://eggcave.com/egg/1973318

11 months ago

... i sent 500 cc? .n. if you're not gonna trade, then please send it back.

11 months ago

I'll buy the axol and would ya do 550 cc for cloverli?

11 months ago

By the way, is the Troche, Sylvern or Leynne UFT? Sorry to bother if not ^^"

11 months ago

hi ^^ the axol is worth 1k cc btw and the Rayun is 300cc

11 months ago

would also your leynne, strawbearry, copioat, deton, weggy, ophirum, sylvern and lenochod for trade? .o. you have such nice creatures

1 year ago

Hello ^^ how much EC are you looking for your Nulli?

1 year ago

Or revii, or ornisment

1 year ago

Or pandai

1 year ago

Roo or slyvern UFT?

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