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25 June 2019
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wild_wonders • 6 days ago

Aw lol! I meant from @fantasy5 and @avatar sorry XD

feralcreature • 6 days ago

Headed to bed now.

galaxyleopard • 6 days ago

Okay can you make a trade?

feralcreature • 6 days ago

sorry I'm moving slow all, my night time meds are kicking in. :/

galaxyleopard • 6 days ago

I only have 100 Cc
But would you do 100 CC the Biocycle and Candit?

wild_wonders • 6 days ago

What for your daffolyn, fetti and ghoulvoo?

galaxyleopard • 6 days ago

Hi! What are you looking for for your uft Daffolynn?

jello • 1 week ago

I'll buy all 4 of your texus for 3k each

valleries1 • 1 week ago

while I'm at it, any chance your zoute be UFT?

valleries1 • 1 week ago

well, the Goast is 500cc and fetti is 200c so 700cc total. But I'm a little low on cc, so is there anything I may have that interests you?

valleries1 • 1 week ago

hello, what would you like for your Goast and fetti?

kimichanx3 • 1 week ago

Fed all

chapus2009 • 1 week ago

Heya! Would it be possible to have @yugana removed from the OCCR? Thank you!

amy14 • 4 Oct 2019, 4:13 AM

I think I fed all already through click site

wererage • 3 Sep 2019, 10:52 AM

Fed all.

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