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16 August 2009
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*views are what my cove needs most of all* I've got no rules but to have fun so if you want to feed then go ahead.

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@mzpanda BBFF

It's so nice to know someone who does nice things for others.

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2 days ago

Hey Just wondering, is the name Sheldon UFT? I really love The Big Bang Theory XDXDXD Thank you

2 weeks ago

Helllo! IDK if you are active much anymore, but I sent you a mail.

3 months ago

What a Fantastic cove! No but really, love all the old eggs!

4 months ago

So sorry to bother if not! * ^ *

4 months ago

Ahh, is there any chance your Tine or Eurog (or other older creatures) might be UFT? I've been seeking them for a long while, aha. ;; o ;;

4 months ago

Haha it still sort of is. I wish I joined back then, there were so many cool creatures!

5 months ago

Fed a handful of your creatures, didn't have time to feed them all so I tried to make sure I got some mortals

5 months ago

Wow, a 2009er? What was it like???

5 months ago

Shaibun & Iccilah for Ignis ;v;

5 months ago

Fed 189

5 months ago

Sorry I'm later than usual feeding all. I'm on a so called vacation.

5 months ago

Just finished feeding your pet creatures

6 months ago

Fed all

6 months ago

fed all

6 months ago

Fed all

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