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Aldehydes, ketones, esters, ethers, enolates, alkanes, alkenes, alkynes, carboxylic acids, alcohols, amines... My head will explode. T_T

12 June 2014
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Hi! If you want to know more about me, check my FF profile page: https://www.fanfiction.net/u/5384081/Kur8Kami117

Basically, I like to read, write, draw, watch anime, research MBTI, and drown myself in my imagination.

If you send a friend request, I'd prefer if you told me a bit about yourself to see if we have have any common interests (included in above link).

Please PM or post on my wall if you want to trade! I'm seeking creatures I don't have- preferably non-frozen eggs without travels.

@paradox storage for immortal creatures (all NFT!)
@() secret UFT side (if you find it or I tell you about it, please keep it secret and don't feed anything)

2/4 Sangalchi, Kataigida
2/9 Hanukkiyah
2/11 Porkchops
2/12 Terraformer
VD Alaying, Betularia, Unattainabelle
2/17 Knuddelhase
2/18 Shapash, Farro
2/19 Liondragon
2/20 Phenethylamine
2/23 Riparia
2/25 Kardashev
3/1 Pairing
3/4 Unaging
3/10 Kaniini
3/11 Lemon-Bread
3/12 Aizer
3/21 Chibified
3/22 Trinitas, Gilty, Kholstomer
3/30 Shyren
4/3 Entertaining
4/5 Abnegation
4/6 Byronic
4/20 Martinez
4/21 Amedei, Yakshini
4/23 Khryseis

Stuff I've found out:
• Creatures on the Click Exchange labeled "Feeds Preferred" will only be fed around 2/3 of the time they are clicked. This has been tested multiple days of the week over a period of several months with no significant changes except during site events.

•A creature labeled "Feeds Preferred" left continuously (without being removed or the user running out of credits) on the Click Exchange will receive approximately 150 clicks and 100 feeds per day.

•Equation for calculating cost of a cove space:

200 + ((x - 301) * 200) where x = cove space #

•Equation for calculating total spent on cove spaces:

Σ 200 + ((k - 301) * 200) where n = total # of cove spaces

Note to self:
Get The Fool's Wand (Candit), Forgotten Lace Boat (Sirena), and Fish Sprites in the Forest (Feggle).

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1 day ago


2 days ago

aaa thank you!

3 days ago

What for 2 terron??

3 days ago

Fed All.

6 days ago

How much for Barratheon?

6 days ago

Ah okay love thank you anyway!

6 days ago

Hello sorry to bother you but would you know the value of a Brownil???

1 week ago

Sorry, picked the wrong creature for lot. :c

1 week ago

Okay! Please set up lot! c:

1 week ago

How much for Terron if possible? Thank you! c:

1 week ago

fed feed list

2 weeks ago

It's true. I like the 3rd stage, when it's carrying honey-stuff.

2 weeks ago

It's good to know I'm not alone in that opinion... ;u;

2 weeks ago

@status I agree.

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