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12 June 2014
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Hi! I’m Lykhaos117. I like reading, writing, drawing, anime, mathematics, science (particularly ecology and evolutionary biology), futurism, philosophy, psychology, politics, Catholicism, food, diving, travel, paranormal/supernatural speculation, coding, giving advice, learning about interesting people, and contemplating in extreme detail. Feel free to PM me if you’re interested in these as well and would like to discuss!

If you send a friend request, I'd prefer if you told me a bit about yourself to see if we have have any common interests.

Please PM or post on my wall if you want to trade! I'm seeking creatures I don't have- preferably non-frozen eggs without travels.

My whole cove is feed friendly, though I am prioritizing the creatures under Quick Feed because they need to evolve and/or immortalize.

@vforveritas is my boyfriend.

@paradox storage for immortal creatures (all NFT!)
@() secret UFT side (if you find it or I tell you about it, please keep it secret and don't feed anything)

8/28 Multiversal
10/22 Pepere
11/28 Quacksalver
11/29 Sleepover
12/1 Grunkle
12/2 Yiannopoulos, Wanderers
12/3 Cuneiform
12/4 Irohamomiji, Raccolta
12/9 Lambrini
12/10 Embellished
12/20 Luchador, Merriest
1/1 Hibernates
1/3 Snu
1/4 Lebedi*
1/6 Annand*
1/10 Dayfall
1/11 Savored, Bugger*
2/1 Virga
12/21 Winked
8/10 Lyngbakr
8/13 Squishmallow, Hertzsprung
8/14 Rhanis
8/16 Findorr, Bugger(_)
8/17 Yost
8/18 Maucauco, Favri
8/19 Virginal
8/20 Statistique
8/21 Archeress, Thorybism
8/22 Tractive, Zombie-Harambe
8/XX Funicello
8/24 Hanapepe
8/25 FatNuggets
8/26 Froopyland
8/27 Maege, Sucus, Sawrey
8/28 Bloemencorso, Userkaf, Carcolh
8/29 E-Thot
8/30 Coptic, Papacy, Jipijapa
8/31 Aryeh
9/1 Touristy
9/2 Neurodivergent, Greaves, Kajmak
9/3 Thylarctos, Atef, Idunn, Dagashi, Quaxo
9/4 Magicicada, Lunwaba
9/5 Dragonspy, Oungan
9/6 Al-Khadra, Pterano, Bhalu, Vause
9/7 Afanc, Keryneia, Zaolian
9/8 Sasemineash, Doberge
9/9 Ging-Ging, BPA
9/10 Mosayru, Callithrix, Honah-Lee
9/11 Snorkasaurus
9/12 Monin, Shtick, Judger
9/13 Nonesuch, Hoglin
9/14 Shambhala
9/15 Jotunn, Lorentz
9/16 Mangkukulam, Twinkleberry
9/17 Troglobite
9/18 Karta, Pixlet
9/19 Hamsa
9/20 Burrowed
9/21 Kithara
9/22 MP3
9/XX Durpleton
9/24 Spodomancy
9/25 Investing
9/26 Sinterklaas
9/29 Centaurworld
10/1 Vaxxed
10/2 Uca
10/3 Peccadillo
10/4 Vontsira
10/5 Dobharchu, Taenarus
10/6 Remediation, Mayon
10/8 Piasecki
10/9 Sariatu
10/10 Fengbo, Otso, Tulane
10/11 Ungol
10/12 Theropod
10/13 Decomposer
10/14 Padge
10/15 Semislug, Lebedi
10/16 Unliving

Stuff I've found out (OUTDATED):
• Creatures on the Click Exchange labeled "Feeds Preferred" will only be fed around 2/3 of the time they are clicked. This has been tested multiple days of the week over a period of several months with no significant changes except during site events.

•A creature labeled "Feeds Preferred" left continuously (without being removed or the user running out of credits) on the Click Exchange will receive approximately 150 clicks and 100 feeds per day.

•Equation for calculating cost of a cove space:

200 + ((x - 301) * 200) where x = cove space #

•Equation for calculating total spent on cove spaces:

Σ 200 + ((k - 301) * 200) where n = total # of cove spaces

Note to self:
Drollo/Willowisp/Turkopia SHklll

Recheck Ami, Apex, Candit, and Cayni; remove Gilty, Abnegation, Entertaining, Phenethylamine, Trinitas, Lemon-Bread, Porkchops, Kholstomer, and Knuddelhasse from PF.

Creatures (178)


suessan • 1 day ago

Fed quick feed!

chihiro_sang • 4 days ago

fed some

golden_leaf • 4 days ago

Thanks, fed back all

tetromino • 4 days ago

thank you very much, fed all back

tryvegan4theanimals • 4 days ago

Thanks, Lyk. That was very nice of you 🙏 hope you're having a nice weekend.

suessan • 4 days ago

Fed back quick feed!

lunacharm1037 • 6 days ago

fed all

chihiro_sang • 1 week ago

fed some

suessan • 1 week ago

Fed quick feed!

eleanor • 1 week ago

Fed all

skyshoyru • 1 week ago

Fed all! ^w^

noman15 • 1 week ago

fed some, please feed @chihiro_sang, she should be back this evening.

ahgirltc • 1 week ago

Fed feed list

tetromino • 1 week ago

will do I love magmishes (especially the middle fish stage), so whenever I see one for sale I have to get it. going to move her to a side account so she doesn't evolve. thanks again!!

lunacharm1037 • 1 week ago

fed all

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