If you leave a message directed towards one of my creatures on my wall, they might respond back... (no I'm totally not procrastinating studying for finals wdym) 8 Dec 2023, 9:49 AM

22 February 2016
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Welcome! We're the Starlight Collective, but you can call us Starlight/Provo 😸

Tabs are organized by what stats each creature needs to grow, but the whole cove is feed friendly 😊

This account is run by a system! You might see a few of us in the creature notes, but aside from that, we're just simply vibing ^^
Some of us that you might see around...
- Tex ˚ Β· β€’ . Β° .
β˜„*. ⋆Volo⋆. *β˜„
- Wash 🐈🐝

Creatures (436)


prettyiggy • 3 hours ago

hey provo7, catching you as my last Double Feed friend! 🧁

redflipflap • 3 hours ago

bestie you're gonna CRUSH those finals!!!! ❀️

redflipflap • 3 hours ago

(that would explain why i dont use it then :clown😊 ((im running on like 4 hours of sleep, ive been going nonstop for 9 days. i get to sleep tonight))

redflipflap • 3 hours ago

i also use EC light mode bc its what im used to. discord dark mode tho

redflipflap • 3 hours ago

what a NERD (respectfully ofc)

redflipflap • 4 hours ago

omw :running_emoji_bc_i'm_totally_on_a_mobile_device_rn:

redflipflap • 4 hours ago

AYO- im gonna use my tech support skills to find him and tell him ❀️

redflipflap • 4 hours ago

omg so many qargas have evolved since ive last been here

provo7demons • 10 hours ago

maybe the real gobblers were the friends we made along the way

sinthr • 1 day ago

Haha got it! 😸

sinthr • 1 day ago

Take your time, I don't really require feedbacks tbh, I post on wall just because I miss old EC's wall interactions sometimes. With notifications and today's feeds, these days posting on wall isn't even needed. πŸ₯² Have a good day. πŸ’ͺ

sinthr • 1 day ago

Fed all. 😊

grumpz • 2 days ago

Haha yes, some things are just too hard to learn only by yourself. xD It's nearly 4am over here. Have a nice evening and a good night later on, I'm heading to bed 😊

grumpz • 2 days ago

Ugh, I can imagine. I feel like it's the hardest part when learning a new language. I once tried to learn Latin by myself. Skipped that idea once I reached it xD

grumpz • 2 days ago

That's impressive. Learning a language is one thing but when it comes to totally different letters it's a whole new level. But Russian itself is already an impressive choice. It's supposed to be harder to learn than German and German itself is quite complicated.

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