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tryvegan4theanimals • 16 Jul 2022, 2:25 PM

Hi QAD! Feeding your buds 😊
💕, Alex

etherealdreams • 12 Jul 2022, 3:02 AM

completely agree. Thank you for feeding all my creatures too ^^

etherealdreams • 12 Jul 2022, 2:36 AM

no, not that. AJ recently added a lot of features that in some way or another require real life money, whether needed for buying more sapphires or quicker ways of getting rare items >☚ī¸ Not happy with the recent updates, basically.

etherealdreams • 12 Jul 2022, 2:31 AM

no problem at all >:0 I am so excited at seeing someone else on the site who knows myers-briggs too!! I don't really play AJ anymore since it got expensive- XD

mischief___ • 10 Jul 2022, 11:39 PM

thanks for feeding mine. Fed back.

heatherm19 • 10 Jul 2022, 10:17 PM

Thanks so much for the trisk plushie! I have one in purple but not light blue, so that's perfect!

lilacfox • 10 Jul 2022, 4:22 PM

Sure, sent you a req ^^

zoruna • 8 Jul 2022, 12:02 PM

To be honest, I had totally forgotten that I had an account on this game. I discovered it when I wanted to register and noticed that I was still logged into this account XD

zoruna • 8 Jul 2022, 12:01 PM

Hello ^^
I took over the game 3 or 4 days ago, and since then I've been trying to discover it and increase my collection to find the animals I lost, or new ones x)

jlya • 4 Jul 2022, 1:33 PM

Hi, welcome to Eggcave! 😊 ❤ī¸

applegranny • 3 Jul 2022, 2:15 AM

Thanks so much for the trade!! And Welcome!

nocutenameforme • 2 Jul 2022, 6:19 PM

[quote]I A m S o S o r r y, I have a habit of clicking and feeding really fast through and didn't realize it was your little dragonfruit until after I clicked- I feel so bad, I'll try not to again ;-;[/quote]
It's quite alright-it happens. 😊 **HUGS**

nytefury • 2 Jul 2022, 11:50 AM

thank you 😊

rabidwolfie • 2 Jul 2022, 6:37 AM

I usually lose those auctions. I was surprised to win LOL

believeinyourself • 1 Jul 2022, 9:18 PM

thank you so much.

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