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2 October 2013
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Hello! This is the shared account of Saturna and Pikakit!

All creatures deserve to be happy, even immortal ones

I prefer receiving unfrozen eggs as a trade than other forms of a creature, but I don't mind if the creature is immortal

searching​ for catlike or dragonlike creatures, feel free to offer


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2 months ago

You are welcome!!

2 months ago

Gotcha, no worries! I actually ended up finding a few in the cave anyway, thanks!

2 months ago

I was thinking around 15k.

2 months ago

Hiya! Any chance you'd trade one of your Haunlupes for EC?

3 months ago

trade trade is here Trade #879393

3 months ago

Yes and it will be 10k Ec

3 months ago

Did you set up the lot?

4 months ago

50k ec?

4 months ago

Hi, is your Mos uft?

5 months ago

Yes! Can you please transfer it to @canosh_camp? Thanks!

6 months ago

No problem, fed all! I've been busy too. My grandparents are visiting.

6 months ago

Fed all

6 months ago

Fed all~

6 months ago

I actually just got one from a really good friend! And thanks I'll return the favor soon ^-^

6 months ago

Hmm alright, thanks anyways ^-^

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