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2 October 2013
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Hello! This is the shared account of Saturna and Pikakit!

Wishlist (all egg and unfrozen, but can be immortal):
-trisk (prob impossible)

**Also searching​ for other catlike or dragonlike creatures, feel free to offer ^^

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1 day ago

No problem, fed all! I've been busy too. My grandparents are visiting.

1 week ago

Fed all

2 weeks ago

Fed all~

2 weeks ago

I actually just got one from a really good friend! And thanks I'll return the favor soon ^-^

2 weeks ago

Hmm alright, thanks anyways ^-^

2 weeks ago

Fed all!! Happy fourth!

2 weeks ago

Got confused probably with another person.

2 weeks ago

Never mind, but what for the eartha wiset and hinonia?

2 weeks ago

Oh. See that you don't have it anymore. What would you like for eartha, wiset or hinonia?

2 weeks ago

For the candit what would you like? Can offer 50k ec also.

2 weeks ago

Yeah...things happens ^^
Have a nice Sunday

2 weeks ago

Nope...I want a pet,but the site put my CC on Auction instead of Trade...A hiccup...

3 weeks ago

ok thanks for letting me know

3 weeks ago

is both floicol up for trade i will give u a stage 2 tiver plus 10,000 EC

3 weeks ago

Fed all!

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