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3 December 2015
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Hi! My name is Sasha and
My favourite animals are cats and Turtles!

Please, please,please don't feed any of my creatures!!!!!!
I don't want them to evolve!!
Wishlist: (:
More Serens!
More Fourbons!
More Kiteps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And cc!!

This cove is protected by the leaf of Vaka

Please feed these dying coves( instead of feeding mine )

nothing in this cove is Uft at the moment, all my Uft critters and names are at my side @mushroom

Creatures (105)


6 days ago

Hey, thanks for the trade!

1 week ago

Hello! Might your Fourbon or Tentropy be uft for something in my cove? ♥

1 month ago

Thanks ^-^ offered

1 month ago

Heys lol could I buy your Yastara in the auctions?

1 month ago

No problem x3

1 month ago

Ah, okay! I don't suppose you'd be willing to take higher offers of CC? If not, do let me know c:

1 month ago

Alright, keep me updated ^^

1 month ago

I could offer a Coinstar and 100CC for your Youngold? o:

1 month ago

I understand, sorry for asking ♥

2 months ago

-gasp- is one Seren for trade? 3

2 months ago

Sorry this reaction's a bit delayed but I just got a chance to watch your animated vid~ Very nice! Are you studying it?

2 months ago

accomplished! Maybe one day you might like to do it professionally. Nice to get paid for something you love doing.. I know I loved it!

2 months ago

people, they often would ask for animations to go on their site. It's amazing the things you can do. Afterwards.. it makes you feel quite

2 months ago

family. Photos of my plants.. it was all so much fun! I use to really love to make those blinkie animations.. When I made sites for

2 months ago

Place has not been up for a few years. I really miss it so I think soon I will open it back up. It was fun sharing photos etc. of my animal

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