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12 November 2016
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My information has been moved for this ~~~

Welcome to my shop! Hope you have a good time!
Shop Information: https://eggcave.com/egg/1195630
List: very lonely list, don't you think?

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1 week ago

Hey, I'm trading cc for ec if you're interested PM to negotiate

3 weeks ago

Hi! Would your risoki or rotehar be for trade? Anything at all that u like in @fantasy5?

3 weeks ago

Wrong account this is @Alastrine *facepalm* sorry

3 weeks ago

Heya! what do you think of this month's collection o' critters

4 weeks ago

Making the lot now~ No need to be worried I'm just doing college stuff and working lol

1 month ago

I do, what would you like?

1 month ago

sorry :0 i just havent been on in ages

1 month ago

Hello~ I've been really really busy with real life stuff But are there any CC creatures you would like this month?

1 month ago

If you have any unwanted Texus, please transfer to @chocos or haggle with me. All stages welcome. (please don't reply to this message)

5 months ago

Don't take this personal...but if you have a really sweet memory, i will treasure it. But the walls get a bit too big for cleaning...