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So, I'm Kelly and I'm 19.

I've been on Eggcave for a while and though most of my older friends are long gone I'm not adverse to making new ones.
So if you ever want to chat just like, hit me up?
I'm usually on mobile though so I might not reply for a while, but if you really want to like talk to/befriend me just be persistent and don't take my horrible unpunctuality with replying to heart.
I enjoy RPing and most consistently come to Eggcave to do that so if you ever want me to RP something I'll probably be down if not sorta lazy with it. Like just ask.

Important stuff:

My storages are @randomness (but I lost the password to it whoops maybe I'll find it again someday maybe) and @awesomeness

~If you feed my eggs, I can't guarantee I will feed back ever~

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iia • 1 Jul 2019, 5:15 PM

Is the name steampunk uft?

comic • 13 May 2018, 4:17 PM

Doubt it is, but might the name Avenger be UFT? Not sure if you trade names. If not, terribly sorry to take your time! D:

taffy789 • 3 Aug 2017, 11:14 PM

~The below have the official stamp of permanentness. To get one, visit Stonehedge on the night of a blood moon and file your form 45 then~

asi • 31 Jul 2017, 1:05 AM

.... ok that's an acceptable villain origin story, you may rest now, my brave hamster hater, snooze on

jello • 27 Jul 2017, 4:37 PM

if a trashcan threw itself away, would it be cannibalism or suicide?

asi • 2 Jun 2016, 2:56 AM

...... you're like the gay son of john and dave

asi • 17 Aug 2015, 12:12 PM

Shippers @ Pedro: who needs a real relationship when you have fictional ones... WE BETTER HAVE FICTIONAL ONES *knives sharpen*

dragon_collector • 26 Apr 2015, 8:32 AM

TAFFY. *flies around*

taffy789 • 31 Aug 2014, 5:29 AM

Note 2 self: Lame superhero idea: Harold, the man who only thinks he is invisible ((It is 4 am))

isa • 3 Feb 2014, 1:23 AM

... You're such a troll e_e"

asi • 31 Dec 2013, 2:13 AM

PPPP: *Pulls a silly face* ^U^

asi • 24 Aug 2013, 3:33 AM

*eyes turn to lovehearts* Luca will definitely become a football player...

asi • 3 Aug 2013, 2:35 AM

I thought about it... And decided I didn't care :'D

smilies • 23 Dec 2011, 9:16 PM

You. Are a Goldeen. ... ... ... ... ... A male one :X

crescentfeather • 23 Dec 2011, 3:37 PM

Lufanda: It goes with his eyelashes!

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