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7 August 2013
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duckduck • 1 week ago

No thank you, I’m sorry. I prefer the first stage the most

prairie • 1 week ago

I'm doin good! I've been matching creatures to travels alot lately, and I'll be seeking a ton of travels for awhile lol

euphoric • 1 week ago

Thank you c: Take care of him please!

prairie • 1 week ago

_(┐「ε: )_ Hello

blackivy25 • 1 week ago

Do u count Nomtuks as dragons?And do u want one?

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

That's ok ^^

ould your pandai or riggert be ft?

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Actually, would you do Avem from your side + Lal? I can add a little bit

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

I still have my Unipeg uft ^^

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Would your Pandai or Foo possibly be for trade?

eschla • 1 week ago

I don't know, but I got 7. Had a lot of luck

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Would you do the Koalyptus and Avem? I can add a bit of cc, too ^^

eschla • 1 week ago

It was in the VEND machine around that date for about 2 months

wigglytuff • 1 week ago

Would you do your Avem, Janot and Koalyptus? ^^

eschla • 1 week ago

Sorry my Hallowolf is NUFT

stevepat2002 • 1 week ago

OwO What do you want for rhine

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