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21 September 2020
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HI big cove to feed and fedd me two @username

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nightslayer300 • 4 hours ago

Hi can I copy off of your 'Halloween Army'?

distorted • 19 hours ago

No I nOt AbOuT tO qUiT. EsPeCiAlLy NoT wHeN rE-rElEaSeS hApPeNiNg

distorted • 23 hours ago

Guess what? Im alive!

izziedragon • 3 days ago

Oh I was gonna trade you the felichine for the giramint. The felichine is priced 20k ec higher so technically it's worth less.

izziedragon • 3 days ago

Would you be willing to trade a Giramint? Otherwise it would be 85k ec for the felichine

izziedragon • 3 days ago

Hello! I've only been logging on for my daily stuff as I've been really busy. I'm sorry about that. My prices are based on Budgie's or a creature swap of equal trade (whether that's close in ec/cc standards or I'll go a little lower if I really want that creature).

spectaclenest • 6 days ago

oh my gosh! that would be amazing! are you sure you don't want anything for it?

cho • 6 days ago

and i oop! goodbye 500k+ :")

dragiigy • 1 week ago


dragiigy • 1 week ago

superb Trade #967008

dragiigy • 1 week ago

Sorry, I dont understand : hwy innu for 200K ec. What is "hwy"?

murmurw • 1 week ago

Aww, thank you! i sent a little something too I hate them too! Campers or snipers, it’s annoying when they do that lol.

murmurw • 1 week ago

No... I just lost

murmurw • 1 week ago

lol, it is pretty cheap and I had some spare ec. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any eggs in the their shop:/

jirachiwishmaker • 1 week ago

No thanks.

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