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Trinkets for January's Monthlies

January 3, 2017 at 6:00 PM      

TRINKETS FOR JANUARY - January's gray creatures now have some Trinket Travels to accompany them! How sad and melancholy...

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pupicorn · 6 months ago

Ooh lovely!

poptarts · 6 months ago

I just can't get over how amazing these creatures look. ;-;

momokie · 6 months ago

These are incredible, I hope this artist becomes a regular ♡ Its gorgeous

spiritkeeper5 · 6 months ago

want only the the cavies...and their trinkets...

leafmelody · 6 months ago

I need to get these the artist for January is amazing wowzers

animegirlalways · 6 months ago

These all look great.

333 · 6 months ago

Holding a wine glass. So classy.

333 · 6 months ago

*Champagne? I dunno.

mrsgiggles · 6 months ago

Trinkets are the best thing to ever happen on Egg Cave.

jellifysh · 6 months ago

Who designed the creatures? Also, I think the Mournstrom is the new MVP with the trinkets.

dragonnn · 6 months ago

The Whirlz and its Trinkets are so beautiful.

333 · 6 months ago

They look happy to me.

asbe · 6 months ago

Sadness is beautiful.

tash · 6 months ago

I'm not so fond of these trinkets, they are busy and the creatures seem to get lost in them.

bunnyshadow · 6 months ago

I agree with @tash. I can barely find the Celehiro. x)

jellifysh · 6 months ago

I will likely be the last to post. If you're reading this, you rock.