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Mo mo... mo!

September 10, 2009 at 7:12 PM 48 Comments

NEWEST SPECIES - You know that pretty-looking bird in the park at Ark City? Well, it was the only one of its kind -- until now (it was kept hushush until the Science and Research Center decided it was not the last one of its kind)! A small colony of Mo birds were spotted in the northeastern jungle of Ark. The Science and Research Center in Ark City found an egg, hatched it, studied the species, and has gathered some information which is now available at The Archives.


Rumor has it that these eggs are EXTREMELY rare, but can be found in the Egg Cave. Hmm...

Ark City has been released!

September 3, 2009 at 12:41 AM 36 Comments

UPDATE: Sorry! The Town Hall was broken for Firefox. This has been fixed!

Ark City has finally been RELEASED! Go to the Explore page to visit Ark City! A mean-looking Aerlo named Aeroria works in the Town Hall, which is currently the only open building in Ark City. She can help you rename your creatures! ;)

What are YOU looking at?

The City of Ark was built by a few wealthy individuals and they haven't staffed all of the buildings yet. Thus, the Town Hall is the only building open as of now. Rest assured that these wealthy individuals are working around the clock to find people to work in the other buildings of Ark City.

FACEBOOK - Egg Cave is on FACEBOOK! Become a fan today! :)

Search feature, wall updates

August 26, 2009 at 3:28 PM 54 Comments

NEW EGG CAVE SEARCH - You can now search through every user and egg in Ark! The search box is located on the right-hand navigation. This will allow you to find your friends easier... or make new ones. :)

Gender and country data are displayed in the search results. If you do not want this data displayed anywhere, you can select "Not Telling" for both your gender and country on the Account Settings page.

WALL UPDATES - On your "extended wall" (i.e. when you click "View All Comments" on your wall), there are now only 25 comments displayed per page. No more endless page loading for extended walls! Hurrah!

Soo pretteh <33

As of right now, the most common requests from users are for a trading/adoption center, gender changer, and egg renamer feature. Rest assured that all of these features will be released soon in the coming weeks when Ark City is all done. Since Ark City is a bigger project than we anticipated, it's going to be released in stages. Please remember that we're a new site and still trying to "balance things out" with all of the appropriate features, evolution stages, evolution difficulty, etc.

Thanks for being a part of the #1 fastest growing egg site in the world! Whoot!

Iramae are here!

August 21, 2009 at 10:58 AM 37 Comments

NEW SPECIES - A new species has been discovered in Ark! The Science and Research Center in Ark City has dubbed this new species the "Iramae."


EGG LIMIT UPDATE - Each user is allowed 100 eggs. No more than that any more. Sorry! :( No worries, there will be a trading feature/adoption center soon when Ark City is released!

FLOOD TIME UPDATE - The comment flood time has been decreased to 20 seconds. More wall comments = more community! And that's what we're all about.

ARK CITY - Ark City is still under construction... it's taking us a lot longer than we anticipated! Some of the things coming soon include: backgrounds, items, currency system, toys, trading center, name-changer, magic and medicine shop, and much more! ;)

Continue to invite your friends to Egg Cave! Thanks for being a part of our successful website!

New species discovered!

August 14, 2009 at 12:21 PM 47 Comments

Three new species have been discovered! They are the Punbundu, Bunthoff, and Whoon. All three are obtainable from the Egg Cave.


TERRON UPDATES - Until this day, Terron have been unobtainable. Now, they are finally obtainable from the Egg Cave! However, they are extremely hard to get. Think: darkness and time. We'll leave the rest up to our amazing community to figure out.

Ark City updates next week! ;)

Bug fix, RSS, and evolution updates

August 10, 2009 at 5:50 PM 13 Comments

We fixed a potential security issue in our "View All Friends" feature.

Additionally, Egg Cave now has an RSS feed via Feedburner. If your mail program or browser has its own RSS reader, just view the XML source and go from there. We've added an RSS button and Twitter button to our footer too (for easy access).

Our site blog has now been broken up into pages too! More advanced archive-viewing features will be available within the coming weeks.

EVOLUTION STAGE UPDATES - All of you will be pleased to hear that it's now easier to hatch your eggs. The average, common egg should take you about 7 days to hatch (with medium and rare eggs taking a bit longer). We don't want Egg Cave to be a "chore" for you guys -- you should enjoy your eggs. Rest assured (for some of you egghead veterans) that there will be more challenging eggs to obtain soon. ;)

I am now easier to hatch, in addition to all of my other egg friends!

Ark City is still underway! It should be released within the coming weeks. Tell all of your friends about Egg Cave! Your Egg Cave creatures are now being viewed 250,000 times per day! Congratulations!

Recent Downtime

August 8, 2009 at 9:26 PM 9 Comments


Recently Egg Cave has encountered some downtime for several hours at multiple points throughout the day. Right now we are working with our server technicians to resolve this issue permanently, although this issue hasn't been isolated precisely just yet.

If Egg Cave ever does go down, rest assured knowing that we'll be back shortly. Egg Cave is here to stay. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.


NOTE - As you could imagine, this kind of delays the release of Ark City. Also, we're working at adjusting some of the evolution stages, so it's not so difficult to hatch an egg; bear with us! Thanks again!

Construction is underway!

August 5, 2009 at 6:18 PM 18 Comments

The head Construction Manager in Ark City sent me these blueprints for the city!


Friends, Genders, and Countries; oh my!

July 30, 2009 at 5:47 PM 14 Comments

Our Account Settings page has been updated; you can now furnish your account with "Gender" and "Country" information. This is entirely optional though and is NOT required for participation at Egg Cave. See our Privacy Policy for more information on how Egg Cave treats your data.

This new gender and country data is used on our "View All Friends" feature now available on every profile. In the "Friends" section of each profile, there's now a little link that reads something like user_go.png 32 friends. Click it and there you go -- ultimate friend-viewing awesomeness. This is a lot better than viewing 6 random friends of the user you're viewing. And thank goodness... it's compatible with every browser *gasp*!

Up next: user and egg search!

Evolutions and levels processed

July 29, 2009 at 1:23 PM 17 Comments

Oops! For a couple of days there, evolutions weren't being processed and your eggs didn't level up. Sorry about that! This simple issue has been fixed. Rest assured that your STATS (and egg levels) are still accurate; the images just weren't being reprocessed based on those new stats. All is well now, though! Have fun!

Help! I'm trapped in here, but I should be hatched by now!

Oh, and Ark City has been undergoing some MASSIVE construction recently. I wonder what will be found when the City officially opens to the public! Can anyone say "major site updates"? ;)

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