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Introducing Eggnite

April 1, 2019 at 12:00 AM 221 Comments

Egg Cave Is Becoming Eggnite

Egg Cave is excited and proud to announce that we, as a site, will be transitioning away from being an adoptables creature site and are instead becoming a new battle royale game! Egg Cave is becoming Eggnite.


What's Eggnite?

At its core, Eggnite is about the last creature standing. Starting tomorrow, users will have the ability to kill other users' creatures. If and when your Cove is completely wiped out, your account will be automatically closed (your username will be freed up). To participate and hop back into the game again, you'll be able to register a new account. When a 1st place winner is crowned, the entire game resets (all EC, all items, and all creatures).

We will mention that you'll always be able to reach for Resurrection Stones as long as your account has at least 1 creature alive. Bringing back creatures means your account can stay in game longer, of course!

New with Eggnite: Cave Crates

Eggnite will now introduce randomized loot boxes into the gameplay called Cave Crates.

Cave Crates are Eggnite's new way of obtaining creatures. It will eventually replace the current Cave approach and steal system tomorrow. Users find crates and need to open them to get a creature hidden inside at random.


Starting today, you can begin collecting Cave Crates when you see them around the site (similar to our annual Find The Gobblers event). When you see one on the page, click it to collect it for your account!

Open Cave Crates with Keys

Crates don't just open themselves, of course! You'll need Cave Keys to open the Cave Crates. Here's what keys open which crates (they have to match):

  • Bronze Key » Emerald Cave Crate
  • Silver Key » Topaz Cave Crate
  • Gold Key » Ruby Cave Crate
  • Platinum Key » Amethyst Cave Crate

Each crate will contain an assortment of creatures with the type of crate determining the rareness of it. For example, an Emerald Crate will mostly reward you with Cave commons with the possibility of slighter rarer creatures. The rarest crate, the Amethyst Cave Crate, may reward you with the rarest of the rare creatures including the Doovoo and Tine. (You heard us right!)

How do you get keys, you ask? These will be exclusively Cash Shop items only, beginning at 100 CC. They launch and will be available for purchase tomorrow, April 2.

Eggnite Recap

Prepare for the conversion to Eggnite tomorrow—the battle will begin and no creature is safe from being targeted. Today, collect Cave Crates around the site as they appear on the page. Beginning tomorrow, you can purchase your Keys in the Cash Shop to open them for creatures.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new change. We're moving away from only adoptables to something with a TON of ACTION!

April Cash Shop Monthlies

April's Cash Shop Monthlies are the Floodeer and Aries. The latter is originally designed by @achimenes. Thank you for your contribution!

April Cave Monthlies

April's Cave Monthlies are the Krusdot and Kettu. The former is originally designed by @shadowfaxe, with the Archives entry written by @prairie. Thank you for your contribution, too!

The Prankey

It's back! The Prankey is available seasonally, April 1-3. Find yours at the Cave.

March 2019 Lottery: Drawing 2

March 31, 2019 at 3:00 PM 5 Comments

Lottery Winner

Congratulations to @anna16 and @alphawolf14 and @vilitrance, the winners of drawing 2 for March 2019's Cash Shop Creature Lottery! A Manekii has been added to each of your accounts.

Buy your tickets for the next drawing now!

Dragold's Den: The Final Weekend

March 29, 2019 at 12:00 AM 18 Comments

Dragold's Den Wraps Up Soon

Today is the final weekend that you'll be able to visit Dragold's Den every 15 minutes for unique power ups and prizes. Have you been able to achieve all that you've been hoping for from the event?


Monthlies Wrap Up

This is the last weekend of March which means that March's Cave and Cash Shop Monthlies will only be available for a few more days. Be sure to pay the Cave and Cash Shop Park some final visits before April 1.

Coin Skewers

March 26, 2019 at 12:00 AM 4 Comments

Coin Skewers

Yes, these coins are indeed EDIBLE! Find these ready-to-eat coin skewers restocking at the General Food Store.

Pangy has even mentioned in the latest edition of the Ark City Times that the coins were found at the end of rainbows and are locally sourced just outside of Ark City. Can you even believe?

Manekii Plushies

March 24, 2019 at 12:00 AM 16 Comments

Manekii Plushies

Wait... is this actually the Manekii? Is it a lion or is it a unicorn? The Toy Shop is now carrying these new plushies for your critters to play with!

New VEND Machine Prize Pools

March 23, 2019 at 12:00 AM 22 Comments

New at The VEND Machine

There are two brand-new St. Patrick's Day-themed prize pools available from The VEND Machine. Collect your tokens and then spend them as you please!

The first prize pool is a collection of St. Patrick's Day creatures from March of 2011... it includes the Flover, Shillas, and Luckuar.

The second new prize pool features St. Patrick's Day creatures from March of 2013... the Clioney, Dragold, and Trovantis have returned.

More St. Patrick's Day Themed Travels

March 22, 2019 at 12:00 AM 7 Comments

More St. Patrick's Day Themed Travels

Just when you thought you had enough. Nope! There's more in store. These Travels are now restocking at the Travel Agency. Find them there and get yours today!

VEND Machine Prize Pools Retire

March 20, 2019 at 6:30 PM 14 Comments

VEND Machine Prize Pools Retire

Three VEND Machine prize pools have just been retired from quests. Remember that prize pools can retire at any time for any reason. More new prize pools are on their way!


Leprechaun Mugs of Coffee

March 19, 2019 at 12:00 AM 3 Comments

Leprechaun Mugs of Coffee

Make sure that there's not a leprechaun inside of this mug before you start drinking. Find these new coffees restocking at the Bean Sack!

Visit Dragold's Den

Have you been visiting Dragold's Den each day for special prizes and account power ups? The event continues through March 31.


Dragold's Den Has Returned

March 17, 2019 at 12:00 AM 64 Comments

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of our lovely Egg Cave players! We hope that you're able to do something for yourself or with friends to celebrate.

Dragold's Den Has Returned


Every year around St. Patrick's Day, the Dragold's Den is opened for all Arkians to try their luck. You can visit Dragold's Den once every 15 minutes for prizes and special account power ups. Occasionally, the Dragold does get greedy and he might steal some of your Egg Coins, so be careful!

Here's what could happen every time you visit Dragold's Den (some are temporary account effects):

  • 2x Feed Boost: when feeding, all creatures including yours will receive 2 feeds instead of 1
  • 2x EC From Feeds: receive up to double the amount of EC from feeding
  • EC reward: a larger sum of Egg Coins
  • EC stolen: Dragolds are known for being greedy! Watch out!
  • Travel prize (rarest): from the prize pool (below)
  • Creature prize (rarest): Coinster, Nathare, Youngold, Greenold, Clorgi (new) plus March Cave monthlies Koluk, Stobow

Visit Dragold's Den once every 15 minutes through March 31.

New Seasonal Den Creature

The Clorgi is the newest species to be a seasonal Dragold's Den-only prize! You have a chance of receiving it each time you visit (although it's really rare, so keep at it!).

This adorable critter is the product of a collaboration between @prairie and @birdlover64. Many thanks to them both for submitting this as a creature suggestion under the Fan Art & Creature Suggestions forum—the first of its kind has been added to your accounts free.

New Travel Prizes This Year

These never-before-seen Travels are now available as prizes from Dragold's Den. In order, they are: Dragold Gold, Dragon Magic, Dragon Wings, and Rainbow Dragon Fire


The Full Travel Prize Pool

In addition to the new Travels above, here's a list of all of the Travels available from Dragold's Den:


Prizes Retired This Year

The following Travels are no longer available as prizes from Dragold's Den. They were among the first prizes to ever be offered by Dragold's Den from previous years. They are also some of the oldest items on the site.


Want to go back in time? Keep reading our older site blog posts below.