Gibbymodok the Pthali

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12 Apr 2014
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You step into the portal and find yourself on a busy street Ahead, dark fumes from tall industrial funnels give the sky a dark rusty hue. All around you are ceaseless bustle as creatures of all species move amidst stalls and shops. Vehicles snake through the packed streets, honking at those who are too slow in moving out of the way.

You have arrived at the most populated sector of Gibbymodok, which also shares its name. Go onwards to @Gibbymodok and see what awaits you there!

About Pthali Eggs

This egg is very scaly.

About the Pthali Creature

Pthali have strong, durable scales that can resist extreme conditions. For example, their scales cannot burn and cannot freeze. There are significantly less nerve endings in the scales too; pinching a Pthali will stimulate no response. Perhaps this is what has allowed them to survive for so long. Pthali are close friends with Bunthoff and enjoy digging networks of tunnels beneath Ark.