Clarification the Cumula

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20 Jan 2015
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About Cumula Eggs

This egg was given out for Creature Release Week in January of 2015.

Cumula eggs are fairly common, but can only be found in the mesosphere, presumably the coldest place on Ark, making it extremely difficult for humans to reach them. The more heat Cumula eggs are exposed to, the longer it will take for them to hatch. Surprisingly, it has been found that Cumula eggs can survive in temperatures near boiling point, but without exposure to low temperatures, they will never hatch. They can survive about 100 years in an egg before dying of malnutrition.

About the Cumula Creature

Don't let the Cumula's cute looks fool you -- these creatures are actually very proud and often quick-tempered! Unfortunately, aside from this, the Science and Research Center has had a difficult time studying their behavior. Nobody knows what Cumula eat; there have been no known reports of one feeding off of vegetation or prey. Some Arkians believe that they eat the clouds, where they usually reside, although scientists have a hard time accepting the fact that a creature could survive off of water vapor.

Like their egg forms, Cumula can survive in almost any temperature, but their development becomes staggered when exposed to warm temperatures for long periods of time. Interestingly enough, the Science and Research Center has determined that because Cumula grow slower near ground level where it's warmer, they live much longer than those that stay in the clouds for most of their lives. The longest known lifespan of a Cumula that resided in Ark was 436 years; and this is including the long periods of time that it would spend with its friends in the clouds!