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2017-01-22 __________________________________________________________________________________________

~About me~

This is unfinished, and pretty outdated. I'll be updating soon!

Hey there! I'm Clover, an 8th grader that lives in Canada. I joined EggCave on my old account that got deleted on February 22. I'm a Scorpio, born the day before Halloween. I try to be friendly and cheerful, so feel free to start up a chat with me anytime you like!

Edit: I quit the site. Most of my creatures went to @draco_malfoy

The story behind my username
I'm a big fan of Warrior Cats! One of my online roleplay friends, Applesong, had an OC called Mythlight. When she died (Mythlight in roleplay, not Applesong XD) I created this account in honour of her. What's my OC? Silverspirit!

EggCave goals:
[X] Get one creature suggestions made
[_] Get three creature suggestions made
[X] Get one CC creature
[X] Win a giveaway
[_] Win one CWDC
[X] Get one species name (Got the Wisoki, traded it away to @prairie)

[X] Have 1 million EC at one time
[_] Have 2 million EC at one time
[_] Have 5 million EC at one time
[_] Have 10 million EC at one time
[X] Have 6200 CC at one time

Book: Too hard to choose. There are way too many amazing books written
YouTuber: Nigahiga
Animator: Domics
Subject: Math/Music
Animal: Raven
Food: Things like apples and pears. Also, most berries. And citrus fruit!
Computer Game: Either EggCave or Poptropica
Colour: Silver and blue!
Song: Counting Stars Impossible Remix (go check it out, it's really good!)

Book: Peppa Pig and the Swimming Pool (Ugh, I have to read that to my little sister every night)
YouTuber: Aparri
Subject: French/History
Animal: Spider
Food: Egg Plant. I despise Egg Plant!
Colour: None. I love all colours!
Song: Despacito (you know what this song means?)

Random Facts about me:
1. I enjoy stationary. Buying stationary. It's just so satisfying!
2. I read half of the first book of the Harry Potter series upside down once
3. The only reason my art teacher knows my name is because I have the same name as her
4. I lost my second tooth on Halloween when I was trick or treating at the age of six
5. I have multiple personalities. I try to put on the cool, smart, confident one at school, at home I'm more like the nerd who sits behind the computer and reads too much. By myself, I'm a total weirdo and online I try to be cheerful and peppy.
6. I'm typing this sentence two hours before my level 8 piano exam (Update: I passed with a score of 81!
Not too bad.)

I am...
...a proud Ravenclaw!
...scared of dolls.
...sleep deprived towards the end of the school year.
...a ThunderClan medicine cat!
... self-conscious and need people to talk to desperately.
...intimidated by all the pros on EggCave.

If I misspell anything or use improper grammar tell me so I can fix it. I am a giant grammar natzi~

The cool cats:
Ivypool (a personal favourite): You're amazing! So loyal to your clan, willing to do everything you can to help your clan mates. And you did this all without a special power.
Oakheart: So strong and brave. You cared for your kits even though they didn't have a mother, and brought Crookedstar to awareness of Silverstream
Stonefur: Died for two apprentices, and went down in an unfair fight. I miss your bravery.
Bluestar: You sacrificed so much for your clan.

I feel sorry for:
Jayfeather: I wish you had ended up with Half Moon! Darn you, Rock
Leafpool: All you ever wanted to do was love, and everything was taken from you when you tried to

I hate/strongly dislike:
Thistleclaw: You turned Tigerstar evil, you made Bluestar give up her kits, and worst of all, you tried to become mates with Spottedleaf (Spottedpaw at the time)! An apprentice! Who just started her training! And you had a son older than her!
Ferncloud: When you're not expecting, nursing, losing, or having kits, you're lying around in the nursery, while the clan is feeding you and starving! Daisy only stayed in the nursery because she had to but you could've easily returned to your warrior duties. One permanent queen in the nursery is enough!
Darkstripe: You tried to kill Sorreltail when she was a kit! You lost to Stonefur in a fight when he clearly was the stronger and more worthy warrior and still thought you were better than "that filthy half-clan scum."
Bramblestar: It took you way too long to forgive Squirrelflight.
Millie: Pay more attention to Blossomfall! You have MORE THAN ONE KIT, OKAY?
Sol (Read: Disgusting Furball): Do I really need to explain him?
Dovewing: Too whiny. Too self-centred. Too overrated.
Dawnpelt: How would accusing Jayfeather in front of the whole gathering make you feel better about Flametail? Come on, child.
Clear Sky (Not Skystar, Clear Sky): Selfish furball.

Character: Ivypool and Riverstar- Awesome cats! I love them both.
Villan: Hawkfrost- He has this vibe that I find really cool.
Ship: Ivypool+Hawkfrost- Yes, I know that they didn't love each other, but it would have been cool if they did! Check this out (I didn't draw it, but I love the style):
Leader: Sunstar
Medicine Cat: Cinderpelt
Deputy: Mistyfoot/star

The Worst Cats:
Character: Sol- I hate him. DESPISE HIM. Wish Hollyleaf hadn't been so noble and just killed Sol ;-;
Villan: SOL
Ship: Thornclaw+ Blossomfall
Leader: Onestar
Medicine Cat: Hawkheart
Deputy: Well... I don't really have a hatred for any of the deputies. Let's say, Brambleclaw in the New Prophecy Book 5 even though he technically wasn't the deputy at the time.

Some of my strengths (Otherwise known as me showing off. If you hate people that brag- which I do, but find my self bragging ocasionally, wow I'm a hypocrite-, skip to the next section!)
I speak four languages, which I'm really proud of. Most people can only speak two or one! English (since birth), Chinese (since birth), Latin (since September of 2017), French (since September of 2013. I'm taking Spanish next year, so I'll tell you how that works out! I've been in many, many extracurriculars and I'm quite proud of them as well. Badminton: Played in the period of 6-13 years old, for seven years. Chess: Played in the period of 6-11 years old, for five years. Ballet: 4-8 years old, for four years. Gymnastics: 3-5 years old, for two years. Skating: 6-8 years old, for two years (I really don't know why I quit skating. Ah, I wish I could pick it up again!) Art: 7-13 years old, for seven years. Piano: 4-13 years old, for nine years, currently in level 10. Trumpet: 10-13 years old, for three years.

Chocolate. This will always be my number one kryptonite. Other weaknesses? I've got PLENTY! But most of them are a bit too personal to share on an online website.

About Hinonia Eggs

Hinonia eggs are covered in fluffy fur. This fur contains tiny capillaries that help radiate excess heat away from the egg. At night adult Hinonias will sleep surrounding the communal nest and thus incubate the eggs during the cold desert nights.

About the Hinonia Creature

The markings that cover a Hinonia's body are not all natural. Each Hinonia is born with a few small markings, usually around the face or paws. Parents of a newly hatched Hinonia will paint the rest of the markings on its body with their tails using a natural plant dye. These markings will constantly change as the Hinonia grows. Each mark designates an important event, achievement, or even loss that has occurred in the Hinonia's lifetime.

The markings themselves are distinct between the different Hinonia tribes. A mark for which tribe a Hinonia comes from can be found on either the forehead or upper chest. Despite the differences there is enough commonality between the markings that Hinonia from separate tribes can discern at least part of the meanings of each others markings. To those who did not grow up in a Hinonia tribe these markings have little or no meaning. Being told the meaning of even one of a Hinonia's markings is considered a great honor and show of trust.