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31 Oct 2015
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You: "Give it up."
Drag: "Sorry?"
You: "The- the pumpkin."
Drag: "*snickers* I don't know what you're talking about."
You: "Aneyh's."
Drag: "Who now?"
Drag: "That shy old Robark or something?"
You: "No."
Drag: "I'm assuming salaskye?"
You: "NO-"
Drag: "Mekii?"
Drag: "Oh, definitely a Puffup!"
You: "NO Drag!"
Drag: "Oh."
You: "A mackatron."
Drag: "Mackatron...hmm... starred?"
You: "*sigh* Yes."
Drag: *shrugs*
Drag: *sighs* "Fine. What about her?"
You: "Why don't you like her?"
Drag: "Who ever said that. I - her."
You: "What happened between you two?"
Drag: "Literally nothing, I just don't know her as well, that's all haha!"
You: "She had a pumpkin this morning, did you know that?"
Drag: "No. Did she carve it? It's 11:49pm already. She had to of carved it by four I'm guessing. What shape?"
You: "What? No. I mean't to say someone stole it as 5pm."
Drag: "Oh my! A pumpkin theif. How horrible."
Drag: "Oh"
You: "Did you steal it?"
Drag: "I stole a- few."
You: "How many?"
Drag: "They weren't being used they were on the side of the road! And-"
You: "And what?"
Drag: "I gave 1/1782398204 of my soul to Deadskull for a magic one.
You: "Ew and 'magic'?"
Drag: "I thought it would be funny to have a fake Pupkin to scare people with."
You: "Well. Listen. I need that pumpkin back by 12 or else.
Drag: "Or what? You're going to fight me or take it from me for it?"
Drag: "Good luck *starts to run*"
You: *grabs drag* "Woah, not so fast."
Drag: GRR
You: "It's a real Pupkin.
Drag: *stops struggling* *smiles*
Drag: "Even better!"
You: *sees it shake from under a pillow*
You: *grabs it* "Aha! I got it."
Drag: "Awh... man."
You: "Ha!"
Drag: "I really wanted a- hey. It's hatching!"

give it back to Aneyh

About Snop Eggs

This egg is gooey to the touch and smells like strawberry taffy, which makes it easy to confuse it for a piece of candy. Around Halloween time Snop eggs are displayed in candy stores in hopes of attracting customers. When it is close to hatching, the egg starts to stretch and the sweet scent gets stronger.

About the Snop Creature

Snops are very mischievous, hiding in the bottoms of Ark children's trick-or-treat bags and eating their candy. The more candy they eat, the bigger they grow, going from a creature the size of a Chocob to a full grown Arpeggiarp. This creature starts off stealing small pieces of candy to whole bags from the owner, and at its full size, it uses its long tongue to stretch into vending machines and take the sweets that are inside. Owners of these creatures have to keep bags of candy on hand to feed them at that point or else they'll go elsewhere in search of sweets or sweet creatures to eat such as Lotties, Candits, and Feeps.